Xbox Scorpio has been tipped to be the most powerful gaming console on the market once it releases and with the prospect of more power, better graphics and a wealth of possibilities from a console that could be as powerful as a gaming PC, we thought that it deserved a whole page to itself.

With our first reveal given to the world at E3 2016, speculation is high about what is to come from the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio as its creators builds up the hype towards trying to achieve the coveted race to be the first to be able to support stunning 4K native gaming.

As the first to showcase their upcoming generation of gaming console, Microsoft set the pace for rivals Sony to compete against as they gear up towards their own release of their Playstation 4 Pro, igniting the battle of the consoles all over again.

Xbox Scorpio Release Date

With the Xbox Scorpio announced at E3 2016 gamers have been hungry to find out when we can expect the next generation of console gaming to release and during the reveal we were partial to the fact that Microsoft are looking to release the Xbox Scorpio in ‘holiday 2017’ however we have not heard any further announcement on that date being either confirmed or specified in any more detail.

With ‘holiday 2017’ generally being industry standard for the period closer to Christmas, we believe that at the point it is safe to be able to say that we believe the Xbox Scorpio console to release towards the end of the year, with November a likely month of release to allow time for Christmas shoppers to be able to have the console added to the must have gifts of the year.

Previous rumours have speculated that there could be an earlier release date that is considered to be closer to the end of the summer but that seems to be increasingly unlikely without more information being provided by Microsoft until E3 2017 in June.

Xbox Scorpio Price

As we have seen with previous generations of console, Microsoft have been tight lipped when it comes to giving the public a price point that they believe their consoles to carry but from looking at the level of advancement in the console compared to the current Xbox One, we believe that it is safe to assume that the Xbox Scorpio will certainly cost more than previous generations.

Although we believe that the Xbox Scorpio price could surpass that of the current Xbox One at the time of release, we are also aware that Microsoft have already mentioned within an interview with AusGamers previously that they are “aiming for a console price point” and revealed that would be made possible as they would not be looking to compete with “higher-end PC models in terms of raw computing power”.

Speculation is high across the gaming community, with some that have tried to estimate the potential price point stating that with the power that the Scorpio console will require to provide us with 4K gaming capability, a likely price point would be around $499 (£387.02) however that is based on the limited information that we know about the Xbox Scorpio specifications.

Xbox Scorpio Specs & Features

xbox scorpio graphics processor and specs

The world reveal of the Xbox Scorpio at E3 back in 2016 offered a limited amount of information surrounding what would be powering the new generation of Xbox console, however particular attention was placed on the processor that will aim to close the gap between console gaming and PC gaming as much as possible.

While we were given a glimpse of the processor and told about the fact that the upcoming generation of console gaming would include stunning 4K gaming, other information has been obtained from leaked sources and speculation until Digital Foundry’s Rich Leadbetter was given the opportunity to visit the Microsoft campus in Redmond.

Given the opportunity to take a ‘deep dive’ into what we are about to have unleashed upon the gaming market, he got in inside information that we have all been waiting for, sharing the following Xbox Scorpio specs with the awaiting gaming community.

  • Processor (CPU): Eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz
  • Graphics Processor: 40 customised compute units clocked at 1172MHz that achieves six teraflop performance
  • RAM: 12GB of GDDR5 RAM with memory bandwidth of 326GB/s
  • Hard Drive: 1TB 2.5-inch HDD
  • Disk Drive: UHD Blu-ray Drive
  • Power Supply: Internal power supply
  • Input/Output Ports: Will be the same as present on Xbox One S

What does this mean for those reading that have no idea what this means?

We know that some of you that are reading this will not have a clue what any of the above specs means in relation to the improvements that we are set to get with the release of the Xbox Scorpio, here is a quick summary in easier to understand terms.

  • The processor (CPU) that is being used in the Xbox Scorpio is roughly 30% faster than that found within the current Xbox One consoles on the market.
  • The graphics processor used within the new generation of console is 4.6 times more powerful than those found in the current Xbox One consoles, giving a much better visual capability in which games can be displayed.
  • The power of the Xbox Scorpio will mean that streamed content will be much faster and smoother than the current generation of console, allowing for 4K gaming display in ultra HD resolutions.
  • The hard drive found within the new Xbox Scorpio is considered to be 50% faster than the one found in the Xbox One console.

Xbox Project Scorpio Games

While Microsoft continue to reveal that they are looking to be able to deliver native gaming in glorious ultra HD 4K, there are no signs of any gaming titles being created and released with the console as it hits the shelves so far.

Although we have yet to hear from any game creators about any titles that they are working on that will allow a true 4K gaming experience, it seems that the limited information that we do know at this time is pointing towards the Xbox Scorpio being completely backwards compatible in line with what is happening with the Xbox One at the moment.

With the number of past games that are being made available through Xbox’s backwards compatible library growing, early indications support that those will be available on the next generation of gaming console too.

Whether the lack of gaming titles remains to be an issue at the early stages of release is yet to be seen and with Microsoft promising to excite gamers at their next reveal at E3 2017 this summer, we could see a mention of supporting titles that will allow you to be able to take advantage of the increased capabilities of the new generation of gaming console.