Social network Twitter released a new update to their service earlier this week however have since rolled back the update after taking the decision to alter the way in which the change that made the reporting of abuse or ‘bullying’ easier.

The abuse tool that was rolled out into the social network worked by users being able to add users to an abusive list, which in turn then notified the user that they had been added to the list in a move thought to help users understand when their comments could be deemed as abuse or ‘bullying’.

After just two hours of the change being live, Twitter removed the abuse app from their website after deciding that they would no longer notify those that have been added to an abusive list of their inclusion.

Speaking about the removal of the app, Twitter said that the change was seen as a “mis-step”.

Twitter’s choice to remove the app has been met with a number of comments from users that initially supported the app’s alert when a user was added to a list within the site, with some saying that the companies refusal to now notify those that have been added to lists was a mistake and a move that limited what would have been a good app in the way in which it could have impacted the use of the network.

SwiftOnSecurity tweeted “Critical for people to know if they’ve been added to a list intended for targets. This is blinfing the vulnerable,” adding “The correct approach is to allow people to remove themselves from lists or do it upon blocking the owner.”

With the social network recently being heavily criticised for the amount of harrassment that is done through its platform, Twitter have been looking for ways to be able to combat that better and for many, the decision to no longer alert users to their addition to lists is a step in the wrong direction.