A mystery trailer has been leaked into the gaming industry earlier today that seems to claim that it is a leaked sneak peek at what the FIFA community can expect from the next release of the gaming title expected later this year.


With the starting screen loading and exposing a dark image of Manchester United’s Paul Pogba before being shown the user logging into the EA servers before the game’s main screen loads up to showcase some interesting additions and visuals.

With graphics that seem to once again indicate that the game in the video is the upcoming FIFA 18, there is a familiar format to the layout of the main screen in that it contains tabs across the top of the central screen area.

Flicking through the tabs to the one named ‘PLAY’ we are greeted with six selection boxes, the traditional Kick Off mode, the popular Ultimate Team mode as well as both Career mode and Training Session mode however there were two new additions to the screen that have got gamers talking.

The Journey game mode has already been announced to be coming back to the gaming title on release and so there is no surprise that The Journey Season 2 is shown but the biggest shock comes from the inclusion of ‘FIFA Street’ mode.

The user seen navigating the screen showcases what happens once you visit The Journey Season 2 with the next screen asking whether the user would like to continue the story with Alex Hunter or create their own virtual pro.

While Alex Hunter seemed to win over the FIFA 17 gaming community with his raise to glory in his first season, the prospect of being able to create their own pro seems to have them most excited.

Moving from The Journey and into a glimpse of the FIFA Street option we are given a look at what seems to be a return of the spinoff title that had previously been released as a standalone game, with the option for players to challenge others across the world or against their friends as well as the option to take part in mini games within the title itself.

With a look at the first two major talking points, the user then navigates to the Ultimate Team mode and on proceeding into the next screen highlights an area named as FUT Generations, billed as a game mode that allows users to be able to create a team from their favourite players past and present and compete against other players.

Another interesting inclusion is that of ‘Spin the Wheel’, a game mode that claims to be new to the game this year, although further information has not been given as to what this is.

Flashing back to the main screen the user in the video proceeds to the ‘Online’ option which could have just revealed one of the most wanted gaming modes in the FIFA title, Co-Op Ultimate Team.

Interestingly again there is another potential inclusion of another game mode related to the World Cup 2018 in Russia, which seems to point to being able to take control of a nation as they compete to win the World Cup.

The prospect of virtual reality gaming seems to have been brought to life if this trailer is anything to go by, with the description saying that gamers will be able to play some of the most popular gaming modes in VR, an addition that doe raise eyebrows for many as to whether this is a legitimate inclusion.

Switching to the final main screen tab named ‘Customise’ we are shown that customisations within the game are set to be given a whole new level of control as kit creator and badge creator.

Is The Leaked FIFA 18 Trailer Fake?

It seems that with the fantastic features and options available in the game, questions are being asked as to whether the video really is a leaked peek at what we can expect from the title released later this year or whether it is in fact fake.

Unfortunately while we would love to see some of the features that have been added into the leaked video, we have to side on the belief that the video is a fan created concept and that it is not in fact an accurate look at what FIFA 18 will have in store for us.

While we know that The Journey will be back again with a second season, the prospect of the co-op Ultimate Team mode seems to be too good to be true, while we would love for it to be a real feature, we are struggling to believe that it would be about to land on our screens anytime soon.

The inclusion of both the World Cup 2018 and FIFA Street modes again seems to be unlikely with the gaming title seeming to create standalone games specifically for the gamers that would like to be able to play these modes as per how EA Sports have handled these games previously.

What do you think? Can you see past this video being a concept and actually being a real glimpse at what we can expect?