The worlds most expensive gaming PC is an absolute tank! Almost as big as the guy who created it…

Allow me to introduce you to the OrionX Dual Extreme Overclocked PC from and 8Pack.

How Much Is It?

As of the date writing this article, you will be able to pick this power house for a cool £23,999.99 ($30,000)

8Pack who have created this animal is an alias for a UK based world record computer benchmarking champion named Ian Parry.

He has built an ethos for his 8Pack brand which consists of;

  • Strive for maximum performance
  • Only the best possible performing hardware installed
  • No expense spared
  • Competitive approach with absolutely zero compromise


worlds most expensive gaming pc

Whats Inside?

In essence the OrionX is 2 PC’s merged into one, and 2 very powerful ones at that!

For the tech savvy among you out there here are the full specs of both systems;


Main X99 System:

  • Intel i7 6950X CPU overclocked to at least 4.4ghz
  • ASUS X99 Rampage 5 Extreme Anniversary 10 motherboard
  • Corsair Dominator Platinum Memory 64gb 2666mhz
  • NVIDIA Titan X Pascal Graphics cards in Tri SLI (2000mhz+ OC) 4 card option.
  • Intel 1.2tb 750 PCI EX SSD
  • Samsung 850 Pro SSD x 2 configured in Raid 0
  • Seagate Barracuda 10TB HDD

Z170 secondary system

  • Intel i7 7700K overclocked to at least 5,1ghz
  • ASUS ROG Strix Z270I ITX MB
  • NVIDIA Titan X Pascal Graphics card
  • Corsair Dominator Platinum memory 16gb 3200mhz
  • Samsung 960 Polaris NVME drive 512gb x2 Configured in Raid 0
  • Seagate Barracuda 10TB HDD

Enthoo Elite 8Pack edition Case.
Superflower 2000w 8Pack edition PSU.

You read all that correct, thats FOUR Nvidia Titan X graphics card surrounded by a system that is ‘cooler’ than a polar bears toe nails!

fastest gaming super pc

What Does All This Power Even Mean?

If you play PC games yourself or just watch streamers on sites like, you will no doubt always either be hearing about ‘dropping frames’ or listen to streamers tell you that they have a dual PC setup.

One PC can take care of the streaming capabilities, while the other houses all the components so that they can play their actual games at the highest performance possible.

Quoted from the Overclockers sale page itself they tell us;

One system can be used for a heavy rendering session, while you play your favorite game / work on a separate project on the other without it breaking a sweat. No limits!

most powerful gaming pc 2017

How Is It All Put Together?

Every single component is ‘cherry picked’ by Ian Parry himself, who then tunes them to their maximum stable limit.

He basically takes the best of the best components that are currently on the market… makes them even better… and then makes sure they all work in perfect harmony so that your house doesn’t light up in a more spectacular fashion than a Disneyland fireworks display!

Bottom Line

Yes, it’s expensive… Yes, it’s stupidly over powered, but if your sat there screwing up your face saying that to yourself then you are missing the point.

You could say the exact same thing on so many levels such as cars. PC building for many is a hobby and what you’ve just seen here is the Hennessey Venom GT / Bugatti Veyron of the overclocking world.

Props to Ian… not all super heroes wear capes!

Plus… I told you earlier Ian was a tank… I’ll let you tell him your thoughts!

Ian Parry 8pack

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