The Sonos Play 5 is a fantastic speaker but weighing in at 15 pounds, you may think that it isn’t designed to be wall mounted, however with Sonos currently not offering you the option to do that, a number of third party brands have and that is why we wanted to bring you the best Sonos Play 5 wall mounting brackets available.

With the speaker clearly not as small and light as other models within the Play series, you need to ensure that when wall mounting your Sonos Play 5 speaker, you have a bracket that you can trust, otherwise your speaker could be set for a date with a devastating crash towards the floor.

With that in mind, let GadgetReviews steer you in the right direction, with our list of the top Sonos Play 5 mounting brackets available right now.

Vebos Wall Mount for Sonos Play 5

Vebos Wall Mount for Sonos Play 5Vebos have taken advantage of the fact that Sonos haven’t created their own wall mounting brackets and have become one of the market leaders, especially when it comes to the Sonos Play 5 due to the quality of their product spearheading it to being considered as the best Sonos Play 5 mounting bracket around.

Naturally Vebos offer their mounting in the standard two colours of white and black, designed to match with the colour of your speaker for a more natural finish but one of the biggest selling points of their offering comes down to their two years warranty, a solid sign that they know that their brackets are certainly up to the task.

Designed and created with the best audio experience possible in mind, the Vebos Sonos Play 5 wall mounting bracket comes complete with more than the recommended amount of surface to speaker clearance, meaning that wherever you opt to hang your speaker, you get the deep and crisp audio output that you have chosen the speaker for in the first place.

Made in Holland from recycled steel, the bracket is strong and robust in order to be able to handle the speaker’s weight with ease and help you to achieve that surround sound audio experience that you are dreaming of, with 180 degree swivel support to get those angles just right.

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Cavus CMP5HW Sonos Play 5 Wall Mounting Bracket

cavus wall mount for Sonos Play 5The Cavus CMP5HW Sonos Play 5 wall mounting bracket is one of the more expensive options that you have to consider when you are looking to mount your Sonos Play 5 speaker however with a higher price point you can expect quality and plenty of functionality as you seek to achieve that perfect audio setup.

Created to allow Sonos Play 5 owners to be able to wall mount their speaker horizontally only, the bracket is built with a real sense of quality and the design is created to help to evenly distribute the weight of the speaker for a much more secure fixture.

The ability to be able to not only swivel the speaker once mounted but also tilt it too will be a big selling point on this one, although the range of movement is slightly restricted with swivelling set to 60 degrees (30 degrees each side) and tilting to 20 degrees downwards.

Although you may think that the limitations here are a downside to the Cavus as an option, you need to remember that the Sonos Play 5 wasn’t initially designed to be wall mounted, so those restrictions have been put into place to ensure that your speaker is secure throughout the full level of movement that you have available to you.

Available in a choice of black or white, you have the option to be able to either match the colour with your wall surface or the speaker and with all of the fixings that you will need for the installation of your wall mount included, it really is a one purchase solution.

Vebos Corner Wall Mount For Sonos Play 5

Vebos corner wall mount bracket for Sonos Play 5For those of you that are looking to mount your Sonos Play 5 speaker to a corner of  your room, the Vebos Corner Mount is perfect for you as it is designed to be able to give you the clearance required from the mounting surface to be able to maintain the superior sound quality that the Sonos Play 5 has to offer.

Angled at 20 degree tilt as standard, the placement of your speaker is perfect for ensuring that you are able to get the best possible audio output to be able to fill your room with the enchanting sound quality that you crave.

Available in the usual duo of black or white powder coated finish, the Vebos corner mounting bracket for the Sonos Play 5 is universal enough to be able to look brilliant in any room of your home, so make no mistake that this is the ultimate in corner mounting for your speaker unit as you won’t be disappointed.