If you are one of the millions of Sonos fans that have opted to purchase the Sonos Play 3 speaker, you could well be thinking about the possibility of wall mounting the speaker to provide you with a better looking audio system installation.

As we know that Sonos don’t make their own version of the Sonos Play 3 wall mount brackets to be able to help you achieve that, we have taken a look at the best options available to you and have provided you with a list of our best picks.

Don’t get stuck buying a wall mount bracket that can’t support your speaker as although the Sonos Play 3 is similar to their Play 1 model, it does weigh slightly more so here are the best in class for you to take a look at that are suitable for what you are looking for.

Flexson Tilt and Swivel Wall Mount Bracket for Sonos Play 3

Flexson wall mounting bracket kit for Sonos Play 3Flexson have made a name for themselves for creating fantastic quality wall mounting brackets for Sonos speaker systems and having already featured as our top choice for Sonos Play 1 wall brackets, once again they have topped the list here too.

Their Sonos Play 3 wall mounting bracket is perfectly designed for the system, giving you a good level of wall clearance to ensure that you don’t suffer from a reduced level of audio quality and ensure that your bracket is made from high quality materials to keep your speaker safe once mounted on the wall.

Available in a choice of black or white colours, the bracket boasts the ability to allow you to be able to not only alter the angle at which your speaker tilts but also gives you an impressive 80 degrees of swivel ability (40 degrees each side) so that you can personalise your set up for the best audio experience.

Take your pick as to whether you would like to mount the speaker on the wall or the ceiling and then take a moment to think whether vertical or horizontal alignment is better for the look of your room as both are possible with a matter of ease.

Considered to be top of the class when it comes to Sonos speaker mounting, the Flexson Tilt and Swivel Wall Mount Bracket for Sonos Play 3 is ideal for those that are looking for the best possible mounting solution.

Remember that most Flexson wall mounts are available as a single or twin pack, meaning that if you have more than one speaker to mount you can save yourself a little bit of money by doubling up and at this price you simply can’t go wrong.

Alphason Sonos Play 3 Ultra Slim Wall Mount Bracket

Alphason are no strangers to the Sonos Play wall mounting market and they too featured previously in our selection of Sonos Play 1 mounting brackets top list, however this time their offering has taken second spot in our list.

A well crafted, low profile mounting bracket designed to be used with the Sonos Play 3 only, it offers a cheaper solution to getting your speakers off the ground and helps you to achieve that wire-free look that you are looking for.

It is important to remember though that the Sonos Play speakers always require mains power to work, so if you are looking to truly achieve that look you will have to sink the wires according.

It will come as no surprise that the Alphason Sonos Play 3 ultra slim wall mount for Sonos Play 3 comes in the standard two colour options to match the colour of your speaker as that is very much the standard in this market but we are impressed with the ease of installation with this one.

In a matter of minutes, after careful planning, you can have your Play 3 speaker mounted ready to deliver a fantastic audio experience and with all instructions to guide you on your way, it is perfect for those that are looking to mount a speaker for the first time too.

You are given the choice to be able to mount your speaker either vertically or horizontally which is a great feature but with a strictly fixed positon, there is no tilting or swivel option with this one, so make sure you get your positioning right before you mount the bracket to the wall.

Newstar Sonos Play 3 Speaker Wall Mount Bracket

Newstar Sonos Play 3 Speaker Wall Mount BracketThe Newstar Sonos Play 3 Speaker Wall Mount Bracket is from a brand that are not as widely recognised however their offering is perfect for those that are looking for a secure and well constructed wall mount for their Play 3 speaker system.

Their bracket offers a great amount of movement ability once you have mounted your speaker to the wall, including tilt, spin and rotate for the best chance to find your perfect audio experience.

Available in both black and white, you can choose which bracket is best suited to your requirements and with all fixings spaced to be universal to fit perfectly into the fitting holes in the back of your speaker for easier installation.

With just a single pivot point design created to be able to support speakers up to 3kg, you can be sure that if you choose the Newstar and follow their installation guide, your speaker is safe and not about to take an unexpected fall.