If you have a Sonos Play 1 speaker and you are looking for the best way to be able to mount your speaker to the wall, you will be interested to know which of the available all brackets are best suited for your speaker.

Our guide to the best Sonos Play 1 wall mounting brackets will be sure to help you to determine which of the third party bracket kits are best suited for your needs.

Because Sonos don’t offer their own branded solution, we have picked out the 3 best Sonos Play 1 wall mounting kits available online for you.

Flexson Tilt and Swivel Wall Mount Bracket for Sonos Play 1

Flexson wall mounting bracket kit for Sonos Play 1The Flexson wall mounting bracket kit for Sonos Play 1 is by far one of the most popular on the market at the moment and for good reason, as they are created specifically for this model of the Sonos family.

The ability to not only be able to tilt and swivel the speaker into a position you prefer for a better audio experience makes the Flexson wall mounting kit one of the best value for money options available right now.

With the choice of either white or black brackets, you can select the one that suits your decor the best to try to blend into the colour of your walls and to match the colour of your speaker system.

With the a newly improved ability of movement, you are given the chance to be able to position your Sonos Play 1 speaker as you wish, including the option to be able to mount it to the ceiling rather than the wall if you prefer.

An impressive amount of movement spanning a complete 80 degree swivel (40 degrees left or right) and the ability to alter the tilt of your speaker up to 15 degrees up or down, you can truly take control of your audio experience.

You can purchase the Flexson wall mounts in either a single or double bracket option, with a slightly reduced cost if you need more than one.

Sonos Play 1 Wall Mount Bracket from Soundbase

Sonos Play 1 Wall Mount Bracket from Soundbase

The Soundbase Sonos Play 1 Wall Mount Bracket does offer a good amount of spacing between the speaker and the fixture wall as we recommended in our recent Sonos speaker mounting guide, with 57mm of wall clearance to prevent any distortion in audio quality.

Made from 3mm steel and coated with a tough powder paint finish, it is certainly built to last and can handle the 8 pounds of weight that the Play 1 will put onto it with ease, keeping your speaker secure and free for movement as you desire.

The bracket also offers a dual movement capability, with both tilt and swivel movement supported to allow you to position your speaker in the best position for your personal choice albeit it of a smaller range of angles that you would get with the Flexson option mentioned above at 3 degree tilting and 40 degrees total swivel.

Don’t allow the fact that the bracket is being offered at a cheaper price influence your choice here as that is purely down to the fact that at the time of us writing this they were on sale and you could be interested to know that Soundbase also make a range of other Sonos compatible wall brackets, so certainly aren’t a one model wonder and with the choice of either white or black bracket, you can select the colour that will suit your speaker and decor the best.

Alphason Sonos Play 1 Ultra Slim Wall Mount Bracket

Alphason Sonos Play 1 Ultra Slim Wall Mount BracketA lower cost solution for those that are looking to be able to mount their Sonos Play 1 speaker on a budget, the Alphason ultra slim bracket is a good choice if you are looking for a fixed fixture unit.

Without the ability to tilt or swivel the speaker once you have mounted it to the wall, you need to ensure that you spend a little time to work out the best possible placement for the speaker before fixing the bracket to the wall.

Although the bracket is low profile, the bracket does have a vibration proof design allow you to avoid annoying background sounds while your audio is playing.

Although sold at a cheaper price, the bracket is strong and secure to hold your speaker safely, meaning that you can be assured that once you have mounted your speaker, it will stay that way.

Once again available in both black and white colours to match your preference, the Alphason ultra slim Sonos Play 1 wall mount bracket could be the lower priced option that you need to achieve that cleaner installation of your new speaker system.