As one of the hottest gaming titles of recent times, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has seen a frighteningly quick raise to greatness as their PC only title saw it smash through a staggering 2 million sales, while the game is only out of Beta stage.

The impressive achievement was announced by the creators behind the online multiplayer survival game, who revealed that they surpassed the milestone in just 16 days of the title hitting Steam Early Access.

The game currently finds itself sat at the top of the bestselling charts at Steam and according to Steamcharts is named as one of the top five games played since its release, an accolade that seems to be backed by figures that are shown at Steam Spy, a site dedicated to tracking Steam games and their performance within the gaming market.

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player unknown battlegrounds screenshot

Although the game does differ from DayZ, a game that many claim to be the inspiration behind the Battlegrounds game, the growth of the latest title seems to indicate a growth roughly twice the speed as downloads continue to increase daily and news that the title will be altered to be able to support console gaming on both Xbox One and PS4 has certainly helped the reputation of the title to continue to grow.

Gamers seem to have taken to the title especially well too, many of the most followed Twitch streamers making the move to play the title, taking with them millions of subscribers to see the game become the third most streamed game at this time behind Hearthstone and League of Legends.

Creator Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene initially created another title that proved to be popular with PC gamers too, a battle royale format title called H1Z1 which eventually saw the creation of H1Z1: King of the Hill as a spinoff title.

With the success of his latter title, Greene partnered with Korean developers Bluehole to create the Battlegrounds title, who have added further expertise to the creation of the game as the gear towards opening the game up to console gamers at some point later this year, although information about release dates for that is still not known, only that Xbox One will be the first console to be supported.