As the most popular new title of the year, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) being named as an Xbox exclusive was a massive coup for Microsoft, however with the title well known for leaving PC’s struggling to be able to cope with the demands of the unoptimised game.

Releasing yesterday onto the console market, anticipation was high for the most watched game on popular streaming site, with gamers jumping at the chance to be able to purchase the game for almost half the price of a regular title.

With unoptimised map elements and an intensive computer processor requirement, gamers questioned whether a console would be able to perform and unfortunately for gamers that were looking forward to the game’s release, the consensus is that neither the Xbox One or Xbox One X can.

Upon downloading the game, gamers were given a warning screen on load up of the title, signalling that the game was still in development and clearing developers Bluehole of the problems that awaited those that looked to jump onto the title as soon as it released.

There was even a statement of protection by the developers that even cleared them from the requirement to even complete the game, raising questions over the dedication to the title for those that are reading more into the statement.

While gamers were told that the optimum gaming experience would be found on the Xbox One X console, the title did release onto the Xbox One too, however with the intent of providing a lower gaming performance.

While many were warned that the intensive nature of the game would raise questions over the performance of the game, there were a significant number of gamers that were shocked by their console’s inability to the able to handle the gameplay that they were promised.

Reports have shown that the title struggles to render graphics within the game during the initial starting of each game, with buildings looking more like blobs of grey than stone, instances of gamers falling through map elements once again due to rendering speeds, server lag and game crashing.

While this will come as no surprise for gamers that have played the title on PC, those new to the title will be sure to be questioning whether the game should have been released in its current state, and having experienced the console version ourselves, we could see the justification for some wanting to request a refund of their purchase right now.

Bluehole, the developers being the title, have continued to state that the game is still very much in the development stages and throughout the length of time that the PC version has been in circulation there have been continuing issues, the developers have continued to release patches to combat some of the issues that gamers have faced.

For those of you that are still thinking about buying PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox, here is a comparison of performance between the standard Xbox One and latest generation Xbox One X for you to look at.

PUBG Gameplay Xbox One vs Xbox One X