As one of the hottest games on the market right now, you would have to be living under a rock to not have heard of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), especially following the announcement that the ‘battle royale’ style game is coming to Xbox as a launch exclusive in coming months.

Well for those that don’t know the game too well, you will find yourself being faced with the option of taking on a lobby full of rival online players either as a solo, part of a duo or as a member of a four-man squad right now, but creator Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene has said that he would love to add a single player campaign to the title too.

PUBG has sold over 10 million copies already – while still in early access!

With over 10 million copies already sold to PC gamers via online games portal Steam, the title has become a must play for FPS gaming fanatics across the world, not a bad fate for a game that is still officially named as being early-access.

Although Greene expressed that he loves the idea of being able to add a single player mode into the game while hosting an ask me anything thread on popular social site Reddit, stating that he thought that the Island would allow for an “interesting story”, it simply isn’t possible right now due to constraints on both time and resources.

Some gamers have questioned whether they would actually make use of a single player mode should the developers manage to ever find the time and resources to make it a reality, stating that they believe that the game made its mark based on the ‘battle royale’ style gameplay that it offers against other players.

The prospect of a single player mode may lead to a further expansion of gaming fans that opt to take the challenge of securing their ‘chicken dinner’ status, however with the game still very much in the process of being worked on and updated to improve the gaming experience for the 10 million plus gamers that are already playing the game, as well as those waiting patiently to get their hands on the game when it releases on Xbox later this year, it seems unlikely that we are going to be undertaking any type of other FPS style action on the title in the near future.

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