With the mobile phone industry seeming to continue to push the boundaries of what smart phones are capable of, we have become used to big announcements from some of the biggest telecommunication brands in the world, however Nokia have announced that they are to release their latest handset and it is one that comes with an historic legacy.

Nokia revealed that they are ready to relaunch their Nokia 3310 handset, the phone that is widely thought to have been one of the most resilient phones created to date, proving its suitability for the modern world thanks to a outer body that can sustain huge amounts of damage without fear of breaking a glass screen, like those found on more popular Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy handsets.

When the news was first revealed, many thought that Nokia would release an updated version of the 3310 handset however we have come to learn that the only difference that will be evident within the handset will be the amount of battery power that it will possess.

Set to enter into the market around the £50 price mark, it will appeal to those that feel mobile phones have move developed further than they need or those that are looking for a reliable second handset.