Kodi TV boxes have become hot property for many after the boxes were given the ability to be able to stream content that would otherwise be unavailable without paying a premium and with growing TV package costs, many have opted to pursue the alternative viewing method to watch movies, sport and other programmes through their TV.

With the passing of the new Digital Economy Bill now having been brought into force, the sale of ‘Fully Loaded Kodi TV Boxes’ have now been banned from popular online retailer Amazon across their worldwide network in a bid to prevent the issue spreading further than it already has.

The law which was created to protect content providers from viewers that were able to watch related programmes where payment hasn’t been received or where there is ‘a risk of loss’, with the person who provided the content being subjectable to a prison sentence if located.

This is not the first time that the app developers behind ‘Kodi’ have seen their brand mentioned in these discussions, however the team behind its creation stated that their app is not created or intended for the use that is being called into question, insisting that the way in which the public use their app is completely out of their hands.

As news that the ‘fully loaded Kodi TV boxes’ are no illegal to sell under the new legislation, those that use the devices already in circulation have already been told that they are unlikely to face any action for simply making use of the services that they stream, instead the law will give those that have pressed for its creation to try to locate the original source of the stream rather than consumers that are simply viewing it.

The Intellectual Property Office issued a letter to the Open Rights Group with a statement that seemed to back that information, citing that ‘It is important to note that the criminal offences apply to making content available to others, not to those just downloading material to their computers.’

With Amazon seen to be making a strong stand against the sale of the ‘fully loaded’ boxes, some consumers are asking whether it will also follow their own ruling and withdraw the sale of the Amazon TV boxes and FireSticks from their own branded offering, as these too have been used widely across the world to host the Kodi app that allows users to stream TV and ondemand services.

For those that are questioning what the latest development means for the streams that they watch, it basically means that the creation of illegal streams is now considered to be on the same illegal level as creating illegal downloads.