As we have seen countless times since the game released, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) has had a new DLC pack added to the game to once again increase the gaming possibilities for users and the Gun Running DLC looks to be the most exciting yet.

Released last night (13th June 2017) the DLC update brings a whole new range of missions, air raid bunkers, guns and vehicles that have now been added to the vast selection already available to gamers, but be ready to part with your hard-earned cash if you want to get you hand on them.

In order to activate the mission element of the new update, you will have to first purchase one of the air raid bunkers that are now spaced across the open world, giving you 11 different bunker locations to choose from.

With so much to tell you about from the latest update, we thought that it would be better for us to break it down a little bit for you based on the information that we already know.

GTA V Gun Running Bunker Locations

The ‘Gun Running’ DLC has now brought a total of 11 possible bunker locations for you to choose from, all of which are located on the North side of the map and with different price points based on location and accessibility.

Here we have a list of all 11 GTA V bunker locations that you have available to you, starting with the cheapest up to the most expensive.

  • Paleto Forest Bunker: $1,165,000
  • Raton Canyon Bunker: $1,450,000
  • Lago Zancudo Bunker: $1,550,000
  • Chumash Bunker: $1,650,000
  • Grapeseed Bunker: $1,750,000
  • Route 68 Bunker: $1,950,000
  • Grand Senora Oilfields Bunker: $2,035,000
  • Grand Senora Desert Bunker: $2,120,000
  • Smoke Tree Road Bunker: $2,205,000
  • Thomson Scrapyard Bunker: $2,290,000
  • Farmhouse Bunker: $2,375,000

If you are trying to picture where the bunkers are located on the map, here is a grab that has been taken from within the Maze Bank Foreclosures screen, however, we are still working on a more detailed map view for you.

gta v gun runner bunker locations map

Once you have selected the bunker that you would like to buy, get ready to be presented with the chance to personalise and customise your new bunker, with two premium looks offered to you at the time of buying the ‘property’.

We would suggest that you don’t get too carried away with making your bunker look too pretty straight away as there are a host of other additions that have been rolled out into the game that will be needed throughout the various ‘Gun Running’ missions that you are about to unlock and their price tags are enough to make your eyes water.

New GTA V Gun Running DLC Vehicles

If you are the sort of gamer that looks forward to the horde of new vehicles that are released in the DLC rollouts than the latest GTA V Gun Running DLC update that landed last night is certainly about to ignite that motor head of yours.

With 6 new vehicles that can be found residing within with ‘Warstock Cache and Carry’ store on your internet, you can instantly see two things… One is that not all of the additions to the store are wheels based (Ballistic Equipment) and secondly that they aren’t cheap to buy.

vehicles from gun running dlc gta v

  • APC: $2,325,000 – 3,092,250
  • Dune FAV: $850,000 – $1,130,500
  • Half-Track: 1,695,000 – $2,254,350
  • Oppressor: 2,650,000 – 3,524,500
  • Weaponized Tampa: 1,585,000 – 2,108, 050
  • Anti-Aircraft Trailer : 1,400,000 – $1,862,000

While a lot of the early reveals that we have seen have focused on the vehicles that are found within the Warstock Cache and Carry store, we can also reveal that there are also 6 new vehicles that have been added to the game too, with all but the Nightshark found in the Legendary Motorsport store.

  • Vagner – $1,535,000
  • Cheetah Classic – $865,000
  • Torero – $998,000
  • XA21 – $2,375,000
  • Nightshark – $1,245,000
  • Ardent – $1,150,000

It should be pointed out that the list of cars above will begin locked and as you work your way through the new bunker-themed Adversary modes, you will unlock within the store to allow you to purchase them as you please.

New GTA V Gun Running DLC Weapons Update

The new ‘Gun Runner’ DLC update wouldn’t be complete without new weapons, but you might as well forget about heading to the closest ammu-nation right now as it comes in a slightly different format.

The update will mean that you will now be given the ability to research and manufacture weapons, right there in the safety of your newly purchased air raid bunker.

This will become the breeding ground for a new MK II collection of weapons, giving you a range of new weaponry abilities, including armour piercing bullets, tracer or hollow point to make sure those head shots really are one-hit kills.

Remember that being one of the first to get your hands on the MK II weapons is always going to but the battle in your hands, after all, you don’t want to be the one bringing a knife to a gun fight do you?