With the release of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) now into it’s third year, it seems that the game that has already shown an ability to stand the test of time, seeing their title cross a milestone of 75 million units shipped since it’s release.

The game that took over 5 years to create and more than £170 million (roughly $265 million) to create certainly hit the market with a huge expectation of a new type of open world game, which has proven to stand the test of time with copies of the game still being sold today.

The parent company behind Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive, revealed the impressive number while speaking about earnings, noting that the success of their GTA5 title has put it well ahead of any other title they have created to date.

A look at past games that the company have created shows that Mafia III shipped 5 million copies, from which 4.5 million were sold in the first week of coming to market, while NBA 2K17 moved 7 million copies – a simple fraction of the success that their open world title has already seen.

With the GTA5 brand performing so strongly, it has also had a positive impact on Take-Two’s revenue figures, helping to boost their net revenue by 15 percent to a figure thought to be around the $476.5 million mark.

Although the figures show a collective income for the company, it has been indicated that as much of a quarter of the income generated from GTA5 is through the sale of virtual currency, microtransactions and content add-on downloads available to the gamers that already have the game.

With the game still continuing to have new updates and support supplied by Rockstar Games, those that own the title are still finding new and unseen before features appear within the game, something that is rumoured to continue while they look to continue work behind the scenes for a sequel that could even come close to rivalling one of the most popular gaming titles in the gaming marketplace ever.