EA Sports are soon to give us an even more insightful look at what their FIFA 18 title has to offer as they plan to step out at E3 gaming conference next month and while FIFA fans are speculating towards what we are going to be presented with, we do know that those that are going to be buying the Nintendo Switch will not be buying FIFA 18.

With the developers looking to gear up towards showcasing their latest release of the popular gaming series, it was spotted by gaming site Eurogamer that EA Sports intended to show two games during their allotted time slot, FIFA 18 and “EA Sports FIFA on the Nintendo Switch”.

While many remain hopeful that EA Sports will have been able to capture the core elements of their leading title, previous experience has shown that they have delivered a scaled down version of the game that is very loosely based on their original gameplay.

Questions were asked about how people thought that the developers would be able to handle the controls and hardware capabilities of the Nintendo Switch with many simply stating that they felt that EA Sports would be more likely to just take the “easier option” and “serve up a downgraded title instead”.

EA Sports have not yet released anything in the way of official insight into what we can expect to see in either of the titles, only confirming that if you were a fan of the FIFA 17 added ‘The Journey’ game mode you would be given the chance to continue the story of Alex Hunter this time around too however there is no indication whether the mode will be available in the Switch version of the title.

What we do know about EA Sports and their developers in relation to the Nintendo Switch is that they were “testing the waters” of the Switch with their title and it was mentioned that while a EA Sports FIFA is coming, it will follow the last-gen console style of game, so we guess that you can rule out having the Frostbite engine and The Journey included.