EA Sports FIFA 18 is one of the most anticipated gaming titles to land later this year and with speculation high towards what gamers believe will be the next stage of progression of the title, it seems that some gamers are wanting to put their own suggestions forward rather than wait to see what the developers have in store for them.

FIFA fans have taken to mounting a battle for recognition for a new concept that they would like to see added into the title, making use of a gaming sub-reddit forum thread to express their support for an idea that one fan put forward as a suggestion the developers should consider.

Revealing his intended submission, the FIFA fan revealed that he believes that the addition of an online career mode within the game would create a huge amount of buzz surrounding the upcoming FIFA 18 release, saying that if he and his mates were able to compete to win a particular league as managers via online network gaming.

At present the career mode in the FIFA series is based on games that are played offline, however are split between giving players the chance to either control a manager of their chosen football club that puts them in charge of team selection and transfers, or the chance to play as a player yourself as you look to make a case for being one of the footballing world’s elite.

While looking to gain exposure of his idea, the gamer decided that he would start a petition of which he hoped that his fellow FIFA fans would sign and support, as they try to get the suggestion seen and acknowledged by EA developers.

Commenting within the sub-reddit post, the fan behind the push for the online career mode explained that he knew that getting the feature included into the title wouldn’t be an easy task, saying:

“I understand that the majority of petitions are normally useless and have no effect towards an outcome they are arguing against, but as we are working with EA, we can ensure that if we do reach the goal of 10,000 signatures that the developers will become aware of it.

“Whether or not they decide to take on board the idea and develop it is another question, but at least they will become aware of how many people want it to happen.”

While hundreds of FIFA fans have also joined the petition to see the inclusion added in to the pending FIFA 18 release, it seems that one fan felt that the developers had a duty to listen and provide gamers with the sort of modes that they would like to see, saying:

“EA should be pushed to improve every aspect of the game with all the hard earned money people put into the game”.

EA Sports have not commented on any aspect of the thread that is still drawing comments and opinion even now, however we do know that they already stated that their ‘The Journey’ mode will return in the newest release of the series and it will be named as ‘The Journey: Season 2’ as it continues to allow the story of Alex Hunter continue to unfold.

If you are a FIFA fan and would like to add your name to support the petition, you can do so here.