There is nothing worse than the feeling that you are being outplayed by a worse player due to their superior team and with the EA Sports title already packing a reputation for being a ‘pay to win’ style game, trying to compete with the likes of teams that are based on iconic names of the sport becomes tiresome very quickly.

While many claim to have just had breath-taking luck when it comes to opening FIFA packs within the ultimate team mode, we aren’t going to try to sell that excuse to you as we know oh so well that in the majority of cases, it simply isn’t the truth.

Well now is the time that you are going to be able to fight back, get your hands on enough FIFA coins to be able to buy and select a more than capable squad and not have to spend a single penny, instead here are the best FIFA 18 FUT trading tips that will keep those coins flooding in.

  1. Don’t transfer list your players without checking out their prices

While we know that opening reward packs can be more often than not disappointing, especially when you aren’t greeted by the giveaway side flare that is indicating that you at least have a board player on your hands, but don’t let the disappointment take over immediately, you could have a diamond in the rough.

The introduction of Squad Building Challenges (SBC’s) means that more often than not, quick selling players back to the game is a mistake because, at some point throughout the year, even those non-rare bronze could well be worth a small fortune.

If you have decided that the contents of your pack isn’t quite going to cut the standard needed to improve your team, or even make it into your club, don’t blindly list the players onto the transfer market just yet.

Rather than listing players based on what you think that they are worth, place them on your transfer list and spend a moment checking their prices against those already on the market, as there are a wide number of instances where players that would usually demand 200 coins now weigh in with a much more attractive BIN figure.

  1. Know your FIFA Calendar and Plan Accordingly

This could well be one of the biggest downfalls of even the most proficient, self-taught FUT traders and something that is so simple, often gets overlooked when you are trying to work out your strategy for building up those FIFA coins in your account.

We have all seen that particular players are all of a sudden seeing huge price differences, but becoming a profitable, successful FUT 18 coin trader is about more than simply identifying which players are seeing that price bump, instead you want to try to understand why it is happening.

Once again we have to reference to the SBC element of Ultimate Team and the variety of challenges that EA release to keep things interesting and while knowing the exact focus or content of those challenges is impossible, there are tell-tale signs that could help you to anticipate what trades and deals need to be made to boost your coin balance.

Successful traders continuously look at trends, possible links to events and player introductions (icons) and even potential market price crashes as a result of players being flooded onto the market, the question you need to ask yourself is do you consider any of those or are you blindly trading to potential profit?

  1. Invest Both Long and Short Term

While we know that more often than not you will want to ensure that you have a FIFA coins balance that is available to you in your times of need, however, getting to grips with real FUT trading that is going to guide you towards having that ‘God Squad’ of your dreams, you need to be able to take a flexible approach to your trading techniques.

We know that almost every seasoned FIFA player has the ability to be able to buy players that are listed just below market value and flip them to make a couple of hundred coins here and there, however, work the EA tax into your profit and you’ll soon realise that you are going to need to be sharp on the sniping methods to even get your hands on one or two of those players that you dream of.

As a trader, there will be times that you should be looking to get your hands on players for a quick ‘flip’ as well as times that you are going to need to pick up players in the midst of a market crash and sit on them for a few days until the market recovers and their prices boost back up to normal.

Some of the most profitable trades are made on longer-term investment gambles that traders make, but we know that the prospect of having 100,000’s of investments just sat in your transfer pile can be hard to take, especially if the market seems to be struggling to recover.

  1. Divide Your Strategy Between Sniping and Mass Bidding on Players

One of the easiest mistakes that novice FUT traders make is setting their sights on simply sniping their way to riches, something that although can be very profitable, does also boast a wealth of risk of having your account market banned for excessive calls to the EA servers.

While getting your hands on a player for a price that fits your price range and having them instantly added into your transfer list feels fantastic, forgetting to spread your focus can mean that you are missing out on a wealth of deals that also meet your price point.

We strongly suggest than any budding traders that are looking for help in conquering the FUT coin marketplace do so with a dual approach to adding their potential players to their club, both increasing their chances of wider profits as well as reducing the potential calls to the FUT market servers to reduce your chances of being blocked from the transfer market.

  1. Ignore Auto Buyer Promises

One of the biggest problems that traders have on the market is the desire to have more coins than they can imagine spending and that particular greed for riches can result in you having thoughts about giving one of the many FIFA 18 auto buyers available online a run.

Often priced at a point that you believe is great value, especially if the software can deliver you thousands on coins in your account completely hands-free, but what these programs fail to tell you is that EA Sports are firmly aware that they are operating and continue to work on ways to halt them in their tracks.

We have personally tried three of the biggest names in the FIFA auto buyer market and while we don’t pretend that profits were made, each of the accounts that have been associated with their use have experienced problems, whether that be having FIFA web app access to the marketplace removed (meaning that the software is no longer an option) or even having the account completely revoked and deleted from the EA servers completely, including the coins balance that they held.

If you are serious about wanting to be able to trade your way to riches that you will be able to use to build your dream Ultimate Team, then the safest and most profitable way to do that is manually, based on our own personal experience anyway.

As a quick example of that, one of the auto buyers that we tried topped out with 60k coins profit for a single day’s trading, spanning over 8 hours of use.

Our latest manual method saw us take 47k FIFA coins and generate more than 200k coins total (153k coins profit) in less than 3 hours.

Best FIFA FUT Coin Trading Methods to Make Coin Profits

best way to snipe fifa 18 players for profit

Trading your way to unspeakable riches certainly isn’t something that you need to take lightly, especially if you want to be able to make use of the coins that you have worked so hard to build up within your balance.

While the draw of having the trading process done for you with an auto buyer is definitely attractive at first glimpse, I mean who doesn’t peak up their interest when the explainer video on their website tells you that you can make coins while you sleep or play other games?

Our advice, don’t get sold on a dream or you will soon find out the nightmare that awaits.

With us telling you that auto buyers simply aren’t what we consider to be one of the best ways to trade FIFA 18 FUT coins, what methods can we offer up to help you get a taste of the profit-rich trading game that has already seen FIFA players scoop as many as 7 million FIFA coins, just through manual trading?

Method 1: The 59th Minute Snipe

Potentially one of the most used methods in FIFA trading right now and one that has seen traders just like you get their hands on players for lower than market value, either to sell or use in their squad.

Done by going to the transfer section of Ultimate Team, adding a filter relevant to the player/s that you are trying to target and then working through the maximum BIN prices until you find the lowest price point before subtracting the 5% EA tax cost plus a smaller profit margin.

Getting this method right and streamlining your ability to be able to capture the players that are listed within the lower price point before someone else (or one of the auto buyers) does, takes a little time but will prove to be one of the most powerful methods of trading that you have available.

More often than not, the best deals on players that are in high demand literally present you with a second or so to secure their purchase, otherwise you will miss out on them as someone else scoops them up.

There are a number of ways in which this method can be done, with personal preference ultimately deciding which way is best for you, but beware as hitting the EA servers with too many requests will mean that you will get a cooling off ban from the marketplace which can result in up to 24 hours of not being able to buy or price check players.

Try not to rely on third-party websites for player prices where possible as often these sites fail to show real-time prices and can still mean that you listing your players too cheaply, behind the price inflation curve that has hit them.

Method 2: Player & Consumables Mass Bidding

fifa 18 fut coin trading method mass bidding on players

Trader bids on multiple Rojo cards

Ultimately the aim that you have as a trader is to ensure that you sign the players that you are targeting for a price that is less than the market value of the player, including the losses that you will make from the 5% EA tax that you will face once you sell the player on the market later.

While the 59th minute sniping method will ensure that you know whether you have signed the player almost immediately, this method is a great way to potentially increase the prospects that you have of adding players into your squad each time that you search.

As you will already know, players are given a price range in which the seller is able to sell the players (something that was introduced to prevent coin farming and mass coin sending) and while you may think that having to ensure the length of an auction is more time consuming than sniping your chosen player/s, the benefits are certainly there for you to consider.

As with most gaming titles across any platform, FIFA 18 has a variety of points throughout the day and night that will see a peak time of players that are playing the game, meaning that competition can be high for players that are sold at auction, however, find a dead zone that has a reduced number of potential suitors to the player that you are looking to sign and you could be about to grab yourself a bargain.

This method is particularly strong when it comes to investing in players that you speculate could be included in potential upcoming SBC’s as well as some of those that you are seeing being snapped up on the sniping method too, spreading your bids across multiple prospects means that you could get your man for less than you anticipated.

One thing that you need to remember about this method is that while you have active bids on players that you are targeting, the coins that you have bid will be no longer available to you while you are winning the auction, so for those that have over 5/6 minutes remaining on them, think about simply adding them as a transfer target initially so not to tie up value coins in the meantime.

Method 3: Complete The Challenge

While this is one that is still fairly new to many and potentially means that you have to work quickly to be able to make it work, this method is based on the use of third-party websites that have sections that help FIFA 18 players to be able to complete SBC’s that have been released.

One of the most popular websites for this is FUTBin, which has a section dedicated to SBC’s and allows users to be able to submit their solutions to the challenge and showcase the players that they have used to complete their version of it.

While there is a chance that your solution may not be considered to be the best choice for other readers, being one of the first to supply a solution will almost certainly mean that there is a market there for the players that you have used to complete the challenge.

Once you have a solution, grab as many of the players as you can bare to hold and boost their market value by inflating their price point.

Although this method isn’t exactly going to win you any friends in the FIFA 18 community, it will certainly see you pocketing an impressive amount of profit, especially if you can work players that are both rare and cheap before posting your solution onto the site.

The only thing to think about here is that you don’t want to be holding too many of the player cards that you have used, especially if you are having to pick up the players at a price point higher than you would have paid prior to the exposure that you have given them, so buy carefully and remember that it will only last for a limited time until someone else antes up their own version and their own coin profiting solution.

Method 4: FutBin Sniping Method

fifa 18 salah price on futbin

Liverpool’s Mo Salah price shown on

For any FIFA player that has played the game in previous years, the chances are that FUTBin and FUTHead are two price checking websites that you have either heard of or used in the past, however, with the latest version of FIFA 18 stepping up their efforts to reduce the requests that specific accounts and IPs can make against information on their servers, unfortunately almost real-time pricing is dead.

This means that both of these popular sites are unable to be able to provide players with up to the minute pricing for each of the players that are found within the FIFA 18 players database, resulting in a slower reflection of the real market prices.

While this isn’t particularly good for those that are trying to build a team up making use of their squad builder for an indication of pricing, it does mean that as a trader you have a new method that can be exploited to get your hands on players that are being listed for prices lower than they should be.

There is nothing to this method other than to combine the price point of the player as listed on the price checking website with the 59th minute sniping method that we have mentioned (see method 1), effectively meaning that you are targeting sellers that are relying on pricing information from these websites.

For example, if FUTBin shows Leighton Baines to be currently worth 1,700 coins but you already know that the cheapest available option that you have been able to locate on the market is above the 2,000 coins mark or more, you would set your minimum BIN price filter to 1,700 coins and cycle through the max price setting (having this figure always higher than the BIN filter you have in place) and wait for someone to list the player at that price.

It should be noted that although the userbase of these websites is significant, players that are listed at these price points can fall into the scope of other methods that are being used by traders, meaning that competition for players will still be very high.

Also note that you should always ensure to check the prices against the current market as the price checker websites do try to update their price information as frequently as they can, so at times can show a true reflection of the price of the player.

Which is the Best FIFA FUT Coin Trading Course?

best fifa 18 futcoin trading course

We know that sometimes it is easier to be able to learn when someone else is willing to show you what it is that they are doing, giving you the chance to be able to see the methods used and witnessing the profits that are able to be made from trading correctly, so we know that some of you will have asked this question.

The truthful answer is that while there are FUT coin trading courses being offered on the internet, the information that you would get from them is often stale and basic, with some of the examples that we have seen offering up less than even our article has.

In FIFA 18, trading your way to millions of coins is about being able to understand, anticipate and play the market through the various boosts, crashes, icon introductions and SBC’s that are released into the game.

This means that in order to continue to make impressive profits and take calculated gambles to enable you to be able to create that ‘God Squad’ of your dreams, you need a resource that can continue to advise and educate you into the future.

There are Twitch streamers that can help you with trying to understand the market, however, if you would be interested in a potential FIFA 18 FUT Trading programme, we could potentially look to create one that would allow a limited number of members to become traders under the watchful eye of one of our experts.

If this is something that you would be interested in potentially becoming a member of, please add your email into the box below and if we can get enough interest, we will look at potentially launching the programme in the new year.