As one of the biggest gaming conventions in terms of being given a glimpse of what is to come, E3 has been an event that any avid gamer has always been interested in and this year it has emerged that The Entertainment Software Association, who organise the event, are going to open their doors officially to the public this time around.

In past years the event has been focused towards the media, with some of the biggest brands and names in the gaming marketplace using E3 as a place to be able to showcase their upcoming releases however this year the organisers are claiming that they are going to reserve 15,000 tickets for regular members of the public.

The show has seen the first glimpse of so many of the most recent gaming consoles and gaming titles on the market to date however the offer of opening its doors to the public is not something that will be completely new for the event, as gaming enthusiasts have attended previous shows by gaining entry via claiming that they are in fact part of a media outlet in order to get a first glance at what the industry has to offer.

Tickets won’t be cheap though, with the price stated as being $250 per person, however there is a chance to be able to get a discounted ticket at $150 if you are one of the lucky 1,000 that manage to buy the any of the first 1,000 tickets when they go on sale on Monday 13th February.

While the public will be given the chance to get a first person view of the upcoming releases that will eventually be released into the public domain, it seems that The Entertainment Software Association have also increased their hospitality for those who wish to attend on business.

These newly upgraded passes will allow visitors such as lawyers, analysts and other background professionals to gain priority access to the convention centre as well as grant access to a specially created business lounge.

It should be pointed out that the opening of E3 to the public is still an experiment to see how much interest is within the chance to attend the event, so no promises are being made that this is the start of a regular opening to the mass public, so if you are thinking about attending an E3 event but don’t want to have to provide coverage about it, then this year is the one that you want to be getting yourself into.