With the news that Microsoft is releasing their Xbox One X offering in a matter of months, we wanted to take a look around for the best Xbox One X deals online, taking a look at some of the biggest retailers to find out which of them is offering the best price, best bundle and more importantly, the chance to get your hands on the much awaited console the quickest.

We love console gaming almost as much as we do PC gaming and that is why the prospect of the Microsoft Xbox One X being a slightly scaled down version of a gaming PC, we are just as keen to get our hands on it as you are, so if you are looking to find the best pre-order deals for Xbox One X, don’t panic as we have them for you right here.

Best Xbox One X Deals on Amazon

Amazon have become a powerhouse when it comes to supplying their customers with the latest consoles on the day of release and with very little desire to queue for hours in the cold, hoping that we can get our hands on one from the high street, let’s take a look at the deals that they have on offer right now if you pre-order it from them.

We should remind you that when you buy from Amazon, the payment isn’t taken until the day of dispatch of your items, so with that in mind, Amazon will certainly be offering some of the Xbox One X best price deals that you will find anywhere online as if they realise that they aren’t the cheapest and reduce their price, you’ll only pay the lower price.

Also, if you are thinking about pre-ordering your Xbox One X from Amazon and want to be guaranteed to get your console on the day of release, we highly recommend that you sign up to Amazon Prime in order to take advantage of their members benefits, you’ll be at the front of the line when it comes to who gets their consoles sent first!

Xbox One X Deals and Price at Game

Game has become a huge favourite for many across the UK and if you are thinking about trying to snag your console within moments of the release date, then you may well be willing to camp out in front of your local store in order to get your hands on the system once midnight passes by, but you’ll want to be there early!

Remember that not all Game stores open for late night offering, so be sure to not only pre-order your console but to check with them whether they are going to open their doors to allow you to get your hands on your console just after midnight, because if not you might be better going with the Xbox One X Amazon Prime deals above as their deliveries have been found to arrive as early as 7 am (UK time) so you could save yourself the hassle of queuing for hours in the cold.

Xbox One X RRP Price – How Much Is the Xbox One X?

Microsoft has certainly pushed the boundaries this time around with their upcoming release of their next generation of gaming console and with the increase in power, from their Project Scorpio venture, you can be sure that you’ll be set to part with a pretty penny in order to get your hands on one.

The RRP for the Xbox One X is £449 however traditionally we have seen that price change and a price drop happen just before release, although with the new console claimed to be 40% more powerful than any other console on the market, how much margin there is for a potential price drop is still to be seen.

Xbox One X Price – How Much Is It Everywhere?

We have previously heard of people looking to have consoles purchased imported from other countries as well as those that are potentially in another country at the time of the console release date, so for those that believe they could be better off buying the console in another country, here is a price rundown of the announced prices right now:

  • UK – £449
  • US – $500
  • Europe – €499
  • Canada – CA$599
  • Australia – AU$649

Xbox One Scorpio Deals – Are These the Same As Xbox One X?

In short, yes. Basically, the name Xbox One Scorpio releases to the early release news that we got from Microsoft about their new generation of gaming console and while the name is not the same, the console is the exact same offering, just under the retail name that the brand opted to go with.

Inside each of the Xbox One X consoles will be the Scorpio processor, an element within the motherboard of the console that helps to make the Xbox One X the ultimate gaming console in terms of power on the market as soon as it releases for sale.

However, there is a limited edition Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition that will be going on sale at the time of release too, which will not only feature the name ‘Project Scorpio’ on both the box and the controller but will also be sold with a vertical stand for you to proudly show off your new console.

Best Xbox One X Bundle Deals

We realise that you are hungry to get your hands on the latest console offering from Microsoft, especially if the prospect of gaming in glorious 4K resolution has you chomping at the bit, so it might be a good time to mention that there will be a number of Xbox One X bundle deals and offers available once the console releases.

The bundles will be likely to include one of the blockbuster games that are looking to showcase the power of the console, such as Forza 7 but you can also expect to see Xbox One X offers with Fifa 18 and we might even see a bundle that includes the much-anticipated battle royale game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds following news that it would be exclusively released on the console this year too.

Xbox One X Release Date – When Is The Xbox One X Released?

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One X will be released November 7th, 2017.

This release date falls in line with a long list of previous releases that we have seen from the Microsoft brand in previous generations of consoles, but with anticipation of the console high and potentially limited stocks per retailer store, we recommend that you take a look at the pre-order deals that we have highlighted for you.

Xbox One X Pre-Order – Should I Pre-Order My Xbox One X?

There are a lot of arguments that gamers have both for and against pre-ordering your consoles in time for release but some of the major points for doing exactly that relate to the stock levels that your chosen store has as well as being able to get your hands on early edition consoles that often come with additional gifts free of charge.

This time around, Microsoft are offering a limited number of Xbox One Project Scorpio editions for those that pre-order their console before release and will reward you with the addition of the ‘Project Scorpio’ lettering being placed on both the console and the included controller as well as a free vertical stand, something that won’t be included in regular consoles.