Finding the best PS4 headset can be rough in a very crowded market…

I was tired of playing first person shooter games like Call of Duty and the opponent somehow knowing where I was coming from as I tried to sneak up on them.

I knew that no where near the amount of players that you accuse of cheating were actually doing so but couldn’t put my finger on what it was that was giving them the edge.

That was until I played at a friend’s house that had a better headset than I did.

The audio seemed to have a completely different level of sound, allowing me to hear footsteps and other subtle noises that proved to be a huge giveaway and it was at that point I knew that I needed a new headset.

But which is the best PS4 headset 2017?

Unwilling to just buy the first PS4 headset that I saw, I tested out the top 5 PS4 headsets and created this page to help other gamers like you and me to pick the right headset.

Best PS4 Headset 2017 List



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Astro Gaming A50 Headset
turtle beach elite pro tournament gaming headsetTurtle Beach Elite Pro Headset
steelseries siberia x800 wireless gaming headsetSteelSeries Siberia X800 Headset
Turtle Beach Elite 800 Gaming Headset
HyperX Cloud II (2) Gaming Headset

There are a number of well-known brands that feature in the list above, including Astro Gaming and Turtle Beach, both of which are used by pro eSports gamers across the world.

As you can see from the table above, in my opinion the Astro Gaming A50 headset leads the way and deserves the crown of being the best PS4 gaming headset 2017.

A little further down the page I will explain why I have rated each of the PS4 headsets above as I have.

Astro Gaming A50 Headset (PS4)

The Astro Gaming A50 headset is not a cheap headset by any means but you certainly pay for what you get with this one.

A wireless headset with a huge range of audio levels and depths through 7.1 dolby surround sound, which gave me game audio in a crisp and clear format, it certainly helped to ease my frustrations.

Using the headset it was clear that with the price tag came superior quality, picking up what felt like a whole new level of sounds, helping me to hear those tell-tale signs that I had experienced previously as mentioned at the start of this post.

The microphone was impressive too, with my friends saying that they couldn’t hear the background noise in my house while I was taking to them, so that was impressive as I have used other headsets that relay all of that too.

I liked the fact that the microphone lifted away when I wasn’t playing with friends too, lifting up on the right side away from both my face and eye line without being distracting in the corner of my vision.


I really liked the Astro Gaming A50 headset (PS4) and although I was wary of the price, the sound and just general brilliance of the headset certainly helped me look past that.

The microphone was clear and didn’t pick up the background noise from my room while playing and it never seemed to miss anything that I said, as I would have expected at this sort of cost.

The headset is great looking, lightweight and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, so makes it my number one choice and is the reason that I bought it myself.

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset (PS4/Mac OS/PC)

2 new from £ 299.00
1 used from £ 287.50
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Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset (PS4) Review

turtle beach elite pro xbox one headsetThe Turtle Beach Elite Pro tournament headset comes into consideration with a fairly hefty price tag around its neck but from one of the main brands in the market I knew that I had to give it a try.

I have used Turtle Beach headsets before however never one that they would call their ‘flagship’ model, so I knew that the sound quality on them was going to be good before I even got my hands on them.

The question had to be, are the Turtle Beach Elite Pro worth it?

Knowing that these are the headphones of choice for pro gamers like ‘OpTic Gaming’ the anticipation of putting them to the test was huge and I won’t lie, I did hope that it would make me a pro level gamer overnight…

Getting them out of their box, there was one thing that I was really impressed with and that was just how ‘wireless’ they really were, I mean I have had wireless gaming headsets before but there was always something that needed plugging in or a ‘goose head’ style microphone to contend with, not this time.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro has a hidden mic, meaning that you do literally get a headset and that’s it!

I was skeptical at first about how well the microphone would perform without the commonly found intrusion that brings it closer to your mouth, but that concern soon faded away as they stepped up to deliver great audio relay.

One thing that I did notice about them though was that if you are like me and like to have the audio played through both your monitor and your headset, you do get the odd piece of echoing sound that is caused by the mic picking up the monitor fed audio and pushing it back through the microphone.

A small issue that I resolved by just turning the monitor output down.

Generally the Elite Pro was everything that I expected having already used Turtle Beach products in the past; a well made, comfortable headset that gave excellent game sounds from a much deeper level than cheaper brands.

If you have ever used Turtle Beach products before but have only tried the cheaper, lower end models, I’m sure that you will be overwhelmed by these as they really do show why pro gamers are using them.

One interesting point that I noticed was that in the foam that lines your ears there is a small indent, something which I later found out was for gamers that wear glasses while playing, to give them a more comfortable fit.

Little things like that being considered certainly shows that Turtle Beach are trying to connect with the needs of their users.

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SteelSeries Siberia X800 PS4 Headset Review

steelseries siberia x800 wireless gaming headsetThe SteelSeries Siberia X800 headset for PS4 comes from a brand that have an avid following in a marketplace that is dominated by the likes of Turtle Beach and Astro Gaming, but for good reason.

The audio quality that the Siberia X800 delivers is unbelievable and with 7.1 surround sound enabled it is as good as what you will find anywhere on the market right now.

Taking the headset out of the packaging, it was very clear that SteelSeries are not messing about when it comes to the quality of their headset as they felt durable and bulky with a good looking finish to them making them aesthetically pleasing too.

Setting up the customisable audio settings to get the best out of them was a small challenge at first but the app for them soon becomes second nature and  I was able to quickly alter and adapt the settings as I felt necessary to suit how I wanted them.

Their official website says that they make use of ‘Next generation’ drivers to deliver a ‘richer sound’ however I have to admit that although they certainly marked a big improvement on my previous headset, I wasn’t feeling like I was blown away by them.

With the headset being wireless, naturally I wanted to be able to test out the battery life of them without the need to plug them in to charge and although a single charged battery seemed to last me about 10 hours of gaming, the fact that they provided two batteries means that overall you can indulge in a solid 20 hour marathon if you wanted.

Once partied up with some of my friends I was given the chance to be able to test out the microphone and when used close to full charge it was faultless, however as the power seemingly drained the pick up of what I was saying seemed to get lost but that changed once power was restored.

Overall I felt that the headset was a good buy and would certainly meet the needs of any casual gamer that is looking for a step up from some of the cheaper models out there but if you are a competitive player I would suggest looking at something a little better.

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Turtle Beach 800 (PS4) Headset Review

The Turtle Beach 800 gaming headset for PS4 came to me with big expectations due to me having used Turtle Beach headsets before, although they were lower priced than these so I was interested to find out how they measured up.

Taking them out of the familiar Turtle Beach packaging, I was quickly taken back by the quality of the headset compared to the cheaper XO One headset that recently packed in on me

Setting them up was a little different to the plug and play nature of wired headsets and that was one of the biggest tasks for me as it took a while to figure out what configuration I needed to get the best out of the audio available to me.

Once I finally got the better of that I was completely blown away by the quality of the in-game sounds that were flooding my ears, giving away rival players positions thanks to crisp sounding footsteps and generally putting me into the game mentally.

I have to admit that the hidden microphone element of the headset took a little getting used to as I am used to having a ‘goose neck’ style across my face, so with that not there it felt a little strange at first but was great once you got over that.

Unfortunately the fact that there was no annoying sound boom (foam mic cover) in my face didn’t make up for the fact that I quickly realised that there was an echoing coming through the earphones and that was driving me mad.

I jumped into the settings to see if I could see anything there and when that failed to sort it, I turned to Google to see what it was and it turns out that because I had the audio coming out of both the headset and my gaming monitor.

It turns out that the microphone says that it cancels out background noise but that wasn’t the case here, even though the volume on the monitor was not high at all but at least that was an easy fix.

Overall, the Turtle Beach 800 was a nice headset and definitely marked an improvement on my last wired one however at this sort of price I would have liked to have seen things a little neater as a package, there was just something that made me think that I would consider maybe buying the Elite Pro instead.

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HyperX Cloud II (2) PS4 Gaming Headset Review

The HyperX Cloud II (2) PS4 gaming headset are a widely mentioned alternative to some of the more costly options out there but have received a number of mixed reviews, so I thought that they were worth a try if nothing else.

Priced at £74.99 at the time that I purchased them, they were significantly cheaper than some of the others that I have reviewed above but having tried mid-range priced headsets before I have to admit that I was worried about what would arrive.

Opening the packaging I was pleasantly surprised by them as they looked to be well made and didn’t seem to possess any of the common cost saving design materials that I am used to seeing in the under £100 range.

Putting them on, they were lightweight when worn and the headband was wide enough for my slightly larger than average head shape, something that has been a deal breaker for me in the past.

Putting them into action, I was surprised by the audio quality that I was subjected to.

Sounds were crisp and clear and the bass wasn’t overpowering to the point that it caused any distortion or buzzing noise which was a welcome change.

It was a bit of a gamble on buying these really as it was reported that Amazon had previously had a number of these that were sent out with faulty USB sound cards making the audio unbearable however I’m happy to report that either that issue has been sorted or I wasn’t part of that batch.

Setting the headset up was quick and simple and I like the fact that I can quickly switch from surround sound to stereo at the touch of a button if I want, something that I guess would only come into play if I was using them to listen to music with.

With the audio quality so good, I was heartbroken to find out that the mute and the +/- button controllers didn’t respond, something that I later found out was because they don’t work for Playstation 4 use!

Thinking that would be the end of my woes with them, the microphone failed to impress too, strangely producing an output that was so low that my friends could hardly hear what I was saying, especially between the flurry of weapons fire in the heat of the Call of Duty battle.

I have searched high and low for the best possible solution to the problems above but can’t seem to find anything that works and that unfortunately means that I am going to have to send them back and request a refund.

I know that I am not the only one that has had these issues as they are also documented in reviews on Amazon, but there are a large number of positive comments that seem to show that others aren’t having the same bad luck.

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