With just a chill creeping into the summer air, you quickly realise that the days of alfresco dining are becoming something of the past, that is unless you want to fight back and step up the ante with one of a variety of patio and garden heaters to keep those chills at bay, but which are the best patio heaters in 2017?

We know that many people tend to buy patio heaters as a spur of the moment purchase but with some of the incredible deals that you can get through ordering online, it makes complete sense for you to not only buy your patio heater online but to also do it in the summer months, helping you to not only prepare for the cooler evenings but to also save you money!

The Best Patio Heaters 2017

We have been on the lookout for the best patio heaters that 2017 has to offer, taking a look at everything from more traditional gas patio heaters through to electric patio heaters and anything in between.

While checking out what each of the heaters had to offer, we also took into account just how easy they were to use, after all, no one wants to be fighting with a patio heater when your guests arrive do they.

Let’s take a look at how some of the best selling patio heaters faired when we put them under the microscope to see whether they really are the best patio heaters that the market has to offer shall we?

Best Looking Gas Patio Heater – Pyramid Patio Heater by Fire Mountain

fire mountain pyramid patio heaterYou may not realise this at the time of thinking that you are going to buy a patio heater but for many the looks and appearance of the heater plays a huge part in their decision process, mostly due to the fact that when you opt for a freestanding heater, like it or not, it will always be a focal point of your evening.

While many of the best-selling patio heaters seem to simply boast a Stainless Steel finish, the Pyramid patio heater offers a little more to the human eye, a modern and eye catching design that allows for the gas flame to be seen through the centre of the core, making for a stunning addition to any patio or outside dining area.

The lower aspect of the heater is enclosed, meaning that you won’t have to worry about your patio gas bottle being on view and if you want to go for a real VIP feel to your evening, coupling more than one of these together will certainly make your guests glad that they put in a little more effort with their outfit.

With 9500W of heat ready to keep your friends and family warm long into the night, it truly does deliver when you are looking for something that little bit special and less uniform from your new patio heater.

Best Selling Gas Patio Heater – AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

patio heater amazon basics havana bronzeWe guess that the name may well have given you a clue as to where you could have seen this one before as they are created with commercial use in mind, so more than likely you will have enjoyed an evening in a restaurant while dining under the warmth of a patio heater just like this one.

A more traditional design than the Pyramid one that we have already mentioned, but definitely one for those of you that think you may need to keep those little kiddies fingers away from the stunning flame that the previous option had to show.

Once again you will see that the lower base of the heater gives you the ability to be able to conceal the gas bottle that you are using and with an easy access point in the front of the base so that you can access the cap of the gas bottle at any time, it’s as practical as you need if you are looking to grab a patio heater than can do the job without breaking the bank.

Best Table Top Patio Heater – Kingfisher PH300

kingfisher ph300 table top patio heaterIf you are looking to add a little heat into the evening without going overkill then you could well be thinking about looking for a table top patio heater that can sit comfortably in the centre of your outside dining table and provide you with a steady level of heat to keep your guests warm, if so then there is no need to look any further.

The Kingfisher PH300 is a smaller version of a more traditional patio heater and has been made to sit on the table while you and your guests enjoy your food and drinks long into the evening, giving you an easier to store alternative to the larger standing floor heaters that we have mentioned so far.

Great for use both outside under to stars or on the table inside your gazebo, this little guy gives off plenty of heat, even with the much smaller output than the freestanding, larger options but let’s not forget that with a smaller space between the heat and the lid of the heater, the warmth will be passed back quicker than with a larger choice.

While table top patio heaters aren’t for everyone, those that want to be able to take the chill out of the evening without having to find a place on the patio for a heater standing, it certainly gives you the ability to keep your guests warm and enjoying their evening.

Best Wall Mounted Infrared Patio Heater – InfraFar

infrastrip wall mounted patio heater infrared lightWith patio heaters being here there and everywhere, you may be looking for something a little bit different, something that will be able to give you the heat to be able to enjoy your evening without the visual intrusion that comes with the more traditional style patio heaters, so meet these infrared heaters from InfraFar.

Created to be mounted to walls or the roof of your outbuilding, they use electric to produce warm infrared heat that is evenly distributed over an impressive distance (up to 30m) and certainly don’t get caught up in the middle of your conversation.

Perfect for outside as well as conservatory heaters, they are waterproof and remote controlled to give you instant heat at the touch of a button and with no need to have to check the gas bottle before your guests arrive, you can get back to thinking about what drinks you serve up to your guests.