The chances are that if you are looking for a dehumidifier for your home then you are already aware of the benefits that they can provide, especially when it comes to trying to combat humidity throughout your home, however, it can be hard to know where to look with so many options out there on the market today.

While we realise that full-size dehumidifiers are better in terms of being able to host a larger liquid capacity, meaning that they need less emptying when compared to smaller models, but they are often bulky and not exactly easy on the eye, so we wanted to show you some of the best mini dehumidifiers available for your home.

The general task that a dehumidifier is given is to reduce the amount of humidity and dampness within the air in certain rooms of your home, so trying to determine which are the best options to choose from needs to be less about whether the product can actually do the job and more about things such as how easy they are to use, whether they seem to be effective and most of all, can they blend into the look of your home without being a talking point, so we set out to find the best mini dehumidifier we could online.

During our testing with did a number of different area testing throughout the office, including being placed in a bathroom with low ventilation, in the kitchen again with just a fan for ventilation and in our basement, which we already knew would be the most challenging placement that we had to offer, it just smells damp.

In order to give you the best run down of the options that we were going to test, we took a look online to see if we could find any resources out there that would allow us to establish the makes and models that we should be testing, a list of the best according to others testing first, I’ll give you the list location later in case you want to learn more about what they said.

Our Best Mini Dehumidifiers Choices

SIMBR Dehumidifier 550ml Mini Dehumidifier – Best Overall Performance

SIMBR mini dehumidifierThe SIMBR dehumidifier boasts an impressive 550ml capacity which for a mini version is a good amount of volume, especially when you consider the fact that it will have to work hard to grab that water out of the vapour in the air, so depending on the room that you put it to work in, you could get a good few weeks out of it before you need to empty it.

Looking like some throwback from the year 2054, SIMBR is a great looking option that certainly doesn’t look like a dehumidifier, so don’t panic that you are about to have to confess to friends and family that you may have a damp issue, instead it’ll stand proudly on your bedside table and go undetected.

Quiet and complete with an auto-shut off function once the capacity is full, it is a set and forget style dehumidifier that is ready to give you the results of a larger version but without taking up floor space or rattling out drones of sounds as it cleans the air from humidity and potential allergen friendly conditions.

Based on the performance, looks and overall, we had to crown this one as our favourite of those that we tested.

PureMate 500ml Mini Dehumidifier – Best Value for Money

puremate 500ml mini dehumidifierThe PureMate mini dehumidifier comes with a 500ml water capacity and certainly lives up to the hype of being a mini version, making it ideal for rooms that carry only a small potential of having potential issues of damp, mould or condensation throughout your home.

While only small, it looks great and with a modern design it should have no problems blending into the look of your room, but what we found it great for is its ability to perform after it revealed that although our bathroom had no windows, it still managed to extract moisture out of the air.

We were shocked at the speed at which it worked too, leaving it placed tilted into the room from the shelf that we have across the top of the toilet, it successfully captured roughly a quarter of its liquid capacity over the duration of a week, highlighting that although we thought that it would struggle to be effective in such a small room, it stepped up to the mark.

Buying this one from Amazon, we were able to find it in the sale at 66% off the RRP, pricing it under £30 at the time of purchasing and the only negative that we could find was that we didn’t buy more of them.

Extremely quiet while in operation with a generous 2.5 metre cable (which was a lot longer than we needed in this instance), it is a great choice for those that want to find out whether they should fork out for a larger version after suspecting that you could have a humidity problem to deal with.

Need More About Dehumidifiers?

While we like to ensure that we provide you with as much information as possible when it comes to our testing and exposure of the best in class, we know that sometimes there will be some of you that would like to read up a little bit more, so if you are one of those you can click here for more info on dehumidifiers in general.

Did You Know?

Dehumidifiers have more than one use in your home?

While the majority of the time they are used for helping to keep poorly ventilated rooms from becoming damp or allowing mould to form, there are people that use them to combat the conditions that allow allergens to survive in.

This means that if you find that if you suffer from allergens that can cause stuffy or runny noses or leave you struggling with skin irritations or chesty coughs, having a mini dehumidifier can help to prevent those allergens from existing.