Masterclip are renowned within the horse clipping market and that is why even though we have already provided you with an honest and insightful post regarding which horse clippers were believed to be the best on the market right now, we wanted to give you a little more insight into the Masterclip horse clippers options that you have available to you.

As an equestrian myself, I know that no horse coat is ever going to be the same, especially if you like myself have multiple horses across a variety of breeds, as the thickness of the coat will vary from breed to breed.

In terms of reputation, Masterclip are very much at the top of their game and will always be named as one of the leading brands of horse clippers no matter where you ask the question, but with so many different styles of Masterclip horse clippers and trimmers available, it can be hard to know which model suits your needs the best.

Here I will give you a review of 3 leading Masterclip horse clippers, all tried and tested in clipping our horses and provide you with an honest opinion of their performance and a variety of other aspects, to give you a clear picture to help you decide which model is right for you.

With over a decade at the leading end of the horse clipper market, we all know that they will deliver fantastic clipping but without experiencing what each model can deliver, it can be hard to know whether you should pay that little bit extra for the next model up or whether the cheaper alternatives can give you the finish you desire.

Masterclip Hunter Horse Clippers

masterclip hunter horse clippersMasterclip Hunter are a heavy duty horse clipper that is packed with 200W of power, ready to take on even the thickest coat while making sure that their blades are able to glide through the fur with ease and that meant that they were going to be perfect for using on our two cobs and mini Shetland, although the real test was always going to be Cassie the Shetland.

Taking the clippers out of the box, the first thing that came to mind was the fact that they certainly felt heavy duty, mostly due to the fact that they weren’t the lightest clippers that I have ever used but at 998g they were still very manageable.

At 28cm long, they weren’t going to be able to be slipped into my pocket either but for me the length of the clippers is minor as who walks about with mains powered clippers in their pocket anyway right?

Usually I do tend to prefer battery powered clippers as being restricted to a certain area isn’t ideal, especially when you have a horse the size of Jackson putting his huge feet on the power cable, which did seem to deal okay with his constant pressure being put on them.

In terms of the clipping itself, the ease of getting through his winter coat was good and didn’t seem to struggle with the greasy areas of his coat around his lower back (across the top of his bum), so with a full clip done in less than 2 hours I was impressed.

The combination of the clipper’s ‘superfast’ clipping speed and blades seemed to be sharp enough to handle anything that his coat had to offer yet still meant that I was able to complete his clip without those awful clip lines that some of the cheaper heavy duty clippers seem to think you want.

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Masterclip HD Roamer Horse Clippers

masterclip hd roamer horse clippersThe Masterclip HD Roamer clippers are another heavy duty option from Masterclip and again naturally I was going to be putting these to the test on one of the horses with a thicker coat as they did look a little fierce to be used on Jackdaw, the Dutch Warmblood.

Knowing that these were a popular choice, I had high hopes for these and the fact that Masterclip are willing to put a 24 month warranty on them makes me think that these are built to last, and wow did they feel like it!

Taking them out of the box there were two things that quickly became apparent, the first being that they were heavier than the Masterclip Hunter’s and the other being that it seemed that these were even more bulky but again what do you expect from a heavy duty clipper option?

One of the positives that the HD Roamer clippers had over the Hunter’s was the fact that I had the option to use battery power, giving me the freedom to move about much easier than I could with the cabled version and I think that the actual charge time that I got from the battery was about 2 hours although the box does claim to be able to offer 3 hours, so maybe I hadn’t charged them completely but it was still more than enough time to tackle Cassie the Shetland’s coat – but I should note that you do get two batteries with them.

Cassie’s clip was always going to be a challenge for any heavy duty clippers that we were going to try as we have seen multiple branded clippers take on the task and unfortunately fail, either the blades simply couldn’t handle the thickness or the clipping speed meant that trying to clip a horse that stands at roughly 33 inches takes longer than our 18.2hh cob x ID.

I was very surprised by the performance this time around though, with the cutting speed and blades combining well to be able to power through her coat which was thick enough to sink your hand into but there was a downside too… The noise.

I know that there are very limited options out there that are able to take on heavy duty clipping with a close to silent noise level but the HD Roamer’s 2,300rpm cutting speed seemed to like to share with the world that it was working the motor inside like a pack horse! It was just so loud.

While the clip did get done, it wasn’t anywhere near as quick as I think that I would have managed it with the Hunter’s as Cassie isn’t the most laid back pony and when loud noise is within hearing distance she seems to want to run away as fast as possible.

Overall, a heavier and more bulky clipper than the Hunter’s with a clip finish that was almost identical but with a louder motor sound throughout the clip – but on the plus side I wasn’t wired to the wall throughout.

Last updated on 10th December 2017 10:27 pm

Masterclip Ranger Horse Clippers

masterclip ranger horse clippersThe Masterclip Ranger clippers are a popular choice for anyone that are looking for a quality set of heavy duty horse clippers but want to spend a little less than the Hunter or HD Roamer options available, however with dropping down the price range there are some reductions in performance too.

While the other options that I have tested have 200W of power, the Ranger horse clippers have a 120W motor to power them, which although is a reduction should still be more than enough to be able to cope with those that are looking to clip a cob or a breed with similar style coat.

Opening the box, it became apparent that I was back to mains power again but with a 6m long cable they certainly offered better movement than the Hunter’s did and the inclusion of two sets of blades was a welcome one as it meant that I could switch them out quickly if needed to continue with the other horses.

Reading the information about the clippers, it stated that it was a perfect everyday clipping option for ‘yards with up to six horses’ and that it was perfect for ‘trimming whiskers’ but no where on that leaflet did it tell me that when you turn the clippers on, the noise level they kicked out was going to mean that you were going to have to run about trying to get them close to you’re horses face! They weren’t exactly ‘spooky horse friendly’ and Dolly is usually good as gold.

I have to admit that the cutting performance was good though, even with less power than the other clippers that I have tried, they seemed to handle a cob coat well and again managed to get through the greasier hair around the top of the horse’s bum.

Having seen them in action, I think that they are suitable for those with cob style coats to clip or those with finer fur as the blades did seem to be a little less fierce while cutting but that could have been down to the lower power output that they had, however I will be using these to clip Jack the Warmblood.

If you are thinking about using the Ranger as a complete clipping option, I would strongly suggest that you look at the Masterclip Ranger Horse Clippers with Showmate trimmer package deal if you’re horse isn’t going to appreciate the sound of a screaming motor coming towards their face.


Last updated on 10th December 2017 10:27 pm