When it comes to either craft beer, we all have things that we like to experience as we go in search of that perfect pint, whether that be the consistency, taste or just how something as simple as the ingredients that are used is organic and free from additives.

Because of that, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people across the world that love to spend their time brewing and creating their own alcohol, tailored to their taste and if you have ever tried it, better tasting due to the fact that you know that you have made the beer yourself, well if you get your process right!

With the increase in home brewing interest, we thought that we would take a moment to help to guide those of you that are looking to brew your own at home, pointing you in the direction of some of the best home brewing equipment you can buy, so listen up and let’s get your micro-brewery kitted out with the best of the best eh?

Pico C Kitchen Craft Beer Brewer from PicoBrew

pico c from picobrew home brewing machineLocally crafted beer has always given those with a favouring to craft beer the chance to experience a fresher, tastier alternative to the mass-produced beers that are freely available but with so many micro-breweries simply lacking the ability to distribute their creations, coming by some of them is a challenge to say the least, well PicoBrew believe that they have found the answer – Pico C.

Created specifically for home brewing, their Pico C home brewing machine has triggered a huge amount of interest across the globe, so much so that having taken their creation to the crowd funding community, they have thus far managed to score more than $2 million in funding, a whopping 551% more than their original target to put their creations into production.

Created for all levels of non-professional brewers, the Pico C has been designed to make home brewing cheaper and easier than ever before, meaning that whether you are just looking to get started or have more of an experienced outlook, it is ready to brew you some of the best tasting craft beer you have tasted.

Although currently still in pre-order on their website www.PicoBrew.com, you can save money on your order quickly and easily with selected websites offering coupon codes for PicoBrew that can slash the cost of your order, but act quickly as they do look to have an expiry date set on most of them.

Best Electric Home Brewing Kit – Brewferm

brewferm electric home brewing kitWhile we know that many of you that are looking to brew craft beer at home will be initially looking to try your hand at it, we also realise that we will have some more advanced and experienced brewers here that are looking to step up their equipment.

In order to make sure that we have something a little exciting for you guys too, we thought that you might want to check out the electric home brewing kit from Brewferm, complete with everything you need to scale up your home brewing operation to a whole new level of mastery.

You literally get everything you need to get your home brewery under way, from measuring jugs, a bag of hops, filling tubes, crown corker complete with 100 caps and all of the more expensive additions that you might be worried you might have to pay for separately.

You can find out more about what we believe to be the best electric home brewing kit and what is included by visiting this link.

Best Home Brew Kit for Beginners – From Learn To Brew LLC

learn to brew llc beginners starter kitIf you or someone you know is looking to try their hand at creating their own home brewed craft beer but don’t have experience of what you need to do, then there are a number of choices out there for kits that are created specifically for those that need a helping hand.

We took a look at what each of the kits had to offer and found that the one that we have found from Learn To Brew LLC not only gives you everything you’ll need but comes complete with an easy to follow guide for creating your own perfect beer.

Complete with stock pot, fermenting bins, bottles and so much more, you get a one purchase solution that will not only give you everything you need to get your own beer stocked in your fridge but is superior to many of the starter kits that we have seen elsewhere, not to mention much easier to use too!

You can take a look at what the beginners kit from Learn To Brew LLC has included as well as what some of the happy owners have to say about it by simply following this link.