In an era that has seen the hipster beard become one of the most sort after accessories for your own personal style, we have not hit the point in trends that has seen the beard become something of the past once again, retiring it to yesteryear for another decade.

This has sparked a new interest in men trying to find the best electric shavers on the market, giving them a quick and convenient way to be able to manage their facial hair without the time consuming wet shave process having to be worked into the daily routine for those that develop a shadow beard while between waking up and going back to bed.

Here at we hear your cry for a run down of the best electric shavers for men right now and have taken a look at the marketplace to see what is actually on offer, checking more than 50 different electric shavers to scale those down to a list of recommended electric shavers for you to consider if you are looking for a new one.

The Best Electric Shavers for Men Revealed

What makes men choose electric shavers over a wet shave razor?

We are a breed that like convenience and where we can find small chances to be able to make life easier for ourselves, we tend to jump at the opportunity to do so, whether that be saving time or just finding an easier way of doing something.

Shaving is no different.

A traditional wet razor shave takes time, there is a whole process that needs to be done before you even reach for your wet shave razor, including the cleaning and preparation of your facial hair although this historic practice seems to have been replaced with a more streamlined approach by many men out there.

Instead of a complete routine, men that use wet shave razors now tend to cut out much of the pre-shave process, instead opting to simply splash their face with water before applying a large blob of shaving foam and attacking their beard until they are satisfied that they have the look that they are after.

Even though men have been able to eliminate much of the timely process of the art of wet shaving, there are some that simply prefer to dry shave, using an electric shaver to once again cut out certain elements within the shaving routine.

With technology continuing to develop, creators of electric shavers for men are now able to deliver a shaving experience that feels as good, if not better, than the common way in which men now wet shave and with the added bonus of being able to eliminate other aspects of the already streamlined routine of shaving, it makes electric shavers a fantastic option for those looking to keep control of their facial hair’s appearance.

One of the biggest draw factors for men to use electric shavers is the ability to save time, however there are other aspects of their use that also make them the preference for men across the world, including the fact that you can dictate the length at which your grooming process now leaves your facial hair thanks to the introduction of ‘guards’ and automatically altering cutting blades.

Beards are more than just an addition to your face in the modern day and age, they are both a statement and showcase of your own personality and style, helping you to be able to create an image that tells the world at first glance what sort of man you are.

What to consider when buying an electric shaver or razor

There are a number of factors that men need to think about when they are looking to buy an electric shaver, these are what will determine the feel, performance and overall results of the shavers use while you try to tackle your facial hair and get it into an organised state.

The things that you should be looking to think about when buying an electric razor are:

  • Comfort
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Closeness of the shave
  • Shaving performance
  • Durability

If you are able to find an electric shaver that can deliver all of these factors to a high standard to suit your preference, then you are likely to have found the right electric shaver for you, where as choosing something that fails to tick each of those could leave you thinking that you would have been better spending your money on a new wet shave routine.

It is because of that, we have taken the 50 best selling electric shavers for men online and put them through our vigorous review process, allowing us to create a best electric shaver for men top list of brands and models that we believe could be best suited to you.

Don’t waste your time looking at models that fail to meet the grade, instead find out what we had to say about our top picks and see whether you can find your new shaving partner without the hassle of spending weeks looking at shavers that fail to deliver.

Questions asked when looking for the best electric shavers for men

You are not the only man to be looking at finding the best electric razor to be their new shaving partner, far from it and if you spend a little bit of time looking around some of the more active men’s grooming forums and websites you will see that there are a couple of questions that seem to appear regularly.

  • Should I use a foil or a rotary shaver?
  • Which gives the closest shave – 3, 4 or 5 blades?
  • How do I know if a shaver is right for me before I buy it?

As you can see, there is certainly an area within the market that leaves men just like you having to search around to try to locate the best electric shaver, however we have eliminated the need for you to stress yourself out with these sorts of questions and have reviewed our top picks for you in as much detail as you should need to be able to draw your conclusion towards whether it is right for you or not.

See, here we are offering you the chance to save your time with our convenient top list to help you decide.

Braun Series 9 9095cc Wet/Dry Shaving and Cleaning System

braun series 9 9095 electric shaverFor those of you that have used or even heard of electric shavers before, Braun won’t need an introduction as they are considered to be one of the leading brands in the industry and have an extensive history within the male grooming market to back up their push to become the number one choice.

Their electric shavers are the creation of the German based brand and they continue to prove that the German’s spearhead the production market when it comes to creating products that deliver, so much so that they are widely thought to be a brand that has driven electric razor technology forward over the past decade.

The Braun Series 9 certainly deserves it’s chance to shine with an introduction however thanks to it’s comfort, performance and build being seen to be unrivaled in the marketplace right now.

Braun Series 9 Wet / Dry Electric Shaver and Cleaning System Review

The Braun Series 9-9095cc showcases the brands ability to instantly prove to you that you are dealing with a market leader from the moment that you pick it up, the quality shown in its build is beyond that of many of the other front runners within the market and finished with a chrome plastic paint, it looks as good as it feels.

With Braun at the forefront of the advancements that electric shavers have made over recent years, the performance of the Series 9-9095cc is like no other, it provides the closest shave available by any foil electric razor out there.

The shaver makes use of Braun’s preferred four-way shear system, designed to provide you with the best possible shaving performance in its class.

It has floating grills, four cutting elements that ensure that you get an even cut, two Optifoil foils and a pivot enabled head which is something that is not usually found on foil electric shavers generally.

Braun Series 9 9095cc Features

  • Named as one of the World’s most efficient and comfortable shavers by IPI Institute Germany
  • 40,000 cross cutting movements per minute using SyncroSonic technology
  • 4 individual cutting elements to cope with all types of facial hair
  • Pivot head and flexible shaving system adapts to your face for a more comfortable shave
  • 100% waterproof
  • Can be used while in the shower
  • Cordless electric shaver
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Includes CCR Station

Braun Series 9 – Enhanced Cleaning and Charge System

As Braun understand the need for men to have a perfect shaving experience every time they shave, they developed their own cleaning and charging system which makes use of a 5 action alcohol cleaning and recharging process, giving you a hygienic clean every time you have used the shaver.

It automatically  washes, lubricates and dries the razor for you at the touch of a button, meaning that you no longer have to spend time brushing and blowing those trapped hairs out of your blades.

Braun Series 7 799cc Pulsonic Men’s Electric Shaver

Braun Series 7 799cc Electric Shaver for menA second nomination in our list of the best men’s electric shavers for Braun, once again showing that the brand at rightly thought to be at the forefront of the market when it comes to electric shavers, this time with their Series 7 799cc model which is a slight downgrade from their Series 9 which topped the list.

Making use of the technology that the German creators have innovated into the electric razor industry over the past few years, the Braun Series 7 still have the ability to shine even though it is not considered to be the flagship model that the brand have to offer.

Still claiming the accolade of being one of the best foil shavers on the market, the Series 7 has become a popular choice for those that are looking to spend slightly less than they would have to in order to get their hands on the level of performance that the Series 9 9095cc has to offer, without taking too much of a reduction in performance.

With the previously named Series 9 9095cc having been succeeded by a newer model that is still to prove it can surpass the level of performance that we are used to with the Series 9, the Series 7 799cc hasn’t been hindered by a slightly raised cost for additional replacement parts, where as the Series 9 has seen availability of some of the more common parts have to be dispensed from online retailers such as Amazon to avoid stocking issues.

Braun Series 7 799cc Electric Shaver for Men Review

As a slightly reduced performance version of the Series 9 9095cc model that you have already been introduced to, the Braun Series 7 has successfully found its place in the popularity stakes within the foil shaver marketplace and has become one of Braun’s best selling models in recent years.

The fact that one again men are able to enjoy a close shave from a foil electric shaver complete with a pivoting head that sits closely and comfortably to the face has made the Series 7 a fantastic choice for those that are looking for quality on a budget.

One of the selling points that seems to have won over the male grooming market for the Series 7 is the ability to be able to use one of the three separate settings that the razor has to offer, varying from intense shaving for those with longer beards, normal mode for those of you that are dealing with less than an inch of facial hair through to an extra sensitvity mode for men with low length facial hair such as the infamous 12’o clock shadowing.

It is the extra sensitive mode that really shines brightly for those that have bought to Series 7 as many of the men that are looking to make use of an electric shaver are looking to get up close and personal with their facial hair in a bid to keep it looking tidy, without the fear of skin irritation.

Again Braun have introduced their Optifoil and ActiveLift systems into the razor, ensuring that the performance of the shaver is up there with some of the best on the market right now and helping to make sure that although the Series 7 is not outdated within a forward moving market, even though it is not one of it’s latest models.

Braun Series 7 799cc Features

  • 100% waterproof meaning that you can use it as either a dry shaver or wet shaver while in the shower
  • Feature Braun’s Optifoil and ActiveLift technology for better shaving performance
  • Automatic 5 point cleaning system(3 different cleaning options available)
  • 3 cutting blades for a better shave
  • Quick charge capability (5 minutes)
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery level indicator so you know your shaver is ready to perform