Drones have become a popular choice following the fact that increased options have resulted in them becoming more affordable but with plenty of them still being created for adult use, we thought that we would make sure that you knew about the options you have if you are looking to buy one for a child.

While we know that there will be a small number of instances where the child that you intend to buy the drone for will be looking to use it for aerial photography, we also realise that the majority of children that would like a drone are more interested in flying it than anything else, meaning that you need a child friendly drone that is going to be able to stand the rough and tumble that comes with delicate hands taking the controls.

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Weighing up some of the experiences that we have had with children at the controls, we have opted to create a list of the best child-friendly drones you can buy in 2017 and have based that on their requirement to be able to handle the harsh landings that many will find themselves being put through.

The Best Drones That Are Suitable for Kids

Whether you are looking to buying a drone for your child as a gift for their birthday, Christmas or even just for their behaviour, as parents you are going to want to know that the drone that you ultimately decide on is going to be able to stand the rough and tumble that you are expecting it to endure, right?

Now there is no need to worry about whether your choice is capable of that as we have just shortlisted some of the most durable, reliable drones that are available to buy online, all of which have been picked based on their suitability for young pilots being at the controls.

Syma X5SC-1 Explorers – Best For Kids Over 15 Years

Created as a smaller version of the more expensive professional models, the Syma X5SC-1 Explorers drone is a fantastic choice for children that are over the age of 15 years, giving a real flight experience with a drone that is able to withstand the tumbles that you could expect a novice pilot to have.

Strong and durable, while light and robust, the X5SC-1 comes with a range of exciting features, including flashing lights and 360-degree eversion, not to mention the fact that it makes use of 2.4GHz technology that has been specifically altered to ensure that there is no interference during your flight.

Great for those that are looking to start out with their first drone, the Syma Explorers has a couple of nice little safety features that are designed to not only protect the pilot but also the drone during its flight, such as the elasticated protective circles that surround the blades to prevent damage from trees and other potential hazards.

While looking like a moderate priced option, the Syma X5SC-1 comes in fairly cheap when you take into account the features and flight experience that you can have while using it, not to mention the impressive 2MP HD camera, making it the ultimate choice for either kids over 15 years or even adults that want a lower price alternative to giving drone flying a go.

DROCON HACKER Drone – Best For Kids 9 – 13 Years

drocon hacker mini drone for kidsThe Drocon Hacker Drone is a mini drone that is ideal for children that are looking to take flight for the first time, giving them the full experience of flying a drone but with the added benefit of being able to fly both indoors and outside.

Built to last, the hacker drone is robust and ready for the more challenging landings that come with novice pilots at the controls, giving them the chance to capture images and videos from the air while also keeping damage to either your home or the drone itself to a minimum.

The camera included within the drone offers 720P high-definition capture, which is more than enough for leisure users and would act as a fantastic stepping stone towards helping your child to understand the process needed to be able to capture breath-taking images while mid-flight, often helping them to progress towards larger drones that include more expensive camera options.

Forget about having to stand close by as your child takes to the skies and give them the freedom to explore, safely in the knowledge that your choice of drone is ready to take everything that they have to throw at it and then some more!

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More Drones for Kids

Although we try to ensure that we can guide you towards the best drones for children of all ages, we know that to be able to get a better understanding of their performance and ability, you may want to find out more about other options that are also available on the market.

Because of that, we decided to try to track down another resource that could help and that is why we want to highlight a dedicated site to finding the right drone for kids, after all, we know that not every child is going to want to get their hands on a standard drone, that would be way too easy!

Just remember, when it comes to buying a drone for your child, if it is their first time of flying then you would be best looking for a drone that is specifically aimed towards children as these are often more robust and able to handle tough landings over a longer period of time.