If you are looking to lose those excess pounds that seem to have crept on over the past couple of months or just want to get fit, the likelihood is that you will be looking around to find the best cross trainer that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Am I right?

Well in order to help you navigate through the wide market of cross trainer equipment that is available, GadgetReviews.io have taken 30 leading cross trainers that are selling globally and scored them all in terms of just how good they really are, giving you a list of the best 5 cross trainers to buy right now.

After spending weeks working through their features, abilities and taking a look at real reviews of customers that have bought the cross trainers themselves, we have finally been able to eliminate some of the brands to give you a complete top 5 that we deem to be the best cross trainers for home use.

Best Cross Trainer Picks

The Best Cross Trainer Brands

When it comes to picking the best cross trainer for you, it helps to know which of the cross trainer brands are ones that are recognised within the industry and naturally with us taking the 30 best selling cross trainers in the world to make our decision, we have encountered the majority of them during our time looking closely at the equipment.

Noteable cross trainer brands that you should look to pay attention to include Hammer, Reebok, York and JTX.

You will find that a couple of the cross trainer models that some of these brands offer are located within our list of the best cross trainer equipment further up this page as they were deemed to be the best on the market following our research.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Benefits

Using a cross trainer is a fantastic way to be able to get a full body workout in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to be able to make use of muscles found in your calves, quads, core (stomach), biceps, triceps, chest and a range of smaller muscle groups within your body.

If you are looking to either get fit or want to lose weight, a cross trainer offers you a much greater span of muscle targeting than some other home exercise equipment on the market and eliminates the need to join the gym on a monthly or annual subscription and means that you don’t have to take to the pavements as you look to run yourself to a new you.

Great for those of you that are looking to shed weight or those that are looking to build up their endurance, cross trainers present a chance to reduce the time needed to achieve the overall results that you are looking to gain from taking up exercising, whatever those may be.

Designed to be able to offer you a continued level of exercise, many of the cross trainers that we looked at present you with variable settings of resistance, meaning that as you begin to tackle your aim, there is always somewhere further that you can take your level of exercise to and better overall results waiting at the other side.

So what makes cross trainers a popular choice?

  • Cross trainers are a low impact form of exercise, meaning that although you are working a large number of muscles each time you use it, you won’t be adding extra strain on the joints.
  • Cross trainers can burn between 8 – 12 calories per minute, making it more effective than most treadmill based exercises when compared at a similar intensity level.
  • Cross trainers give you a full body workout, something that fitness bikes and treadmills can’t admit to.
  • Cross trainers that have variable intensity settings will allow you to increase your strength as you make your way through the increasing levels of resistance.
  • When using a cross trainer you set the speed at which you exercise as your movement determines the pace at which the equipment moves, not a motor that anticipates how fast you would like to be moving at any given time.

With the chance to burn more than 360 calories in just a 30 minute session, depending on intensity level resistance, cross trainers make a fantastic choice of home based fitness equipment to get you started on the your fitness journey.

Hammer Crosstech XTR Review

hammer crosstech XTR cross trainerThe german-made Hammer Crosstech XTR is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a well respected brand in your choice of cross trainer and for those that are looking for the best value for money, then this is certainly a model that you should be looking to consider.

With so many low quality cross trainers out there on the market, the Hammer Crosstech XTR continues to showcase the German ability to create robust, well made products (just like they do within the car market) however as always superior quality does come with a price.

Hammer are no strangers to the fitness equipment market and have a history that spans back over a century, meaning that if we told you that they have continued to develop their equipment to become one of the best cross trainers available.

Plus Points

  • The Hammer Crosstech XTR is suitable for anyone up to 20.5 stones (130Kg) making it ideal for those trying to lose weight
  • 16 different resistance intensity levels and pre-programmed workouts
  • Handle bars are stationary yet adjustable for a more intense workout as required
  • Magnetic flywheel means that movement throughout the motions is smooth

Things to think about

When using the equipment there will be considerable wear and tear that happens on the joints that make the equipment move with your motion, this means that you will need to remember to oil the joints as you use it to avoid squeaking.

Although this is a common practice with equipment of this nature, we feel that the need to oil it so soon after purchase (2 weeks) should be a little longer, although that timescale does relate to use at least 6 times a week, 30 minutes per session.

Hammer Crosstech XTR Features and Specs

  • LCD Screen – Featuring Distance, Time, Speed and Calorie consumption
  • 16 pre-programmed exercise workouts
  • 16 levels of resistance intensity
  • Transport wheels for easy movement of the trainer
  • Stationary and moveable handle bars
  • Handball  sensors
  • Chest strap pulse sensor

Hammer Crosstech XTR Review Summary

The Crosstech XTR from Hammer is a leader in the cross trainer market and that becomes apparent as soon as you see the quality of the equipment. Manufactured to meet TUV and GS standards, Hammer have done their 100 years in the fitness equipment market justice with this model without doubt.

While not being a budget choice, the Crosstech XTR is still very affordable for those that are looking to ensure that their choice of cross trainer can withstand the abuse that they intend to put it through its paces.

Highly recommended for any level of cross trainer user, from beginner through to more experienced users.

Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer Review

Reebok need no introduction, their brand has been in the sports industry for as long as many will be able to remember and have consistently competed to be one of the biggest names in all aspects of the market in which they have tried their hand at.

Their iconic history has seen Reebok raise to the top of their game and the ZR8 cross trainer is another example of the brand being able to create industry leading equipment, although it does come in with a bigger price tag than our previous choice.

That is one of the reasons that we have relegated the ZR8 to our second choice for the best cross trainer you can use at home, as we aim to produce our top review guides for as wide of a market as possible (meaning we can provide as many of our readers with the best possible pick for them).

Although the Reebok ZR8 finds itself in the runners up spot this time around, that isn’t to say that this couldn’t be the best cross trainer for you, especially if you are a fitness fanatic that is looking to increase their endurance to the highest possible level as with 32 different intensity settings, the ZR8 is ready to put you through your paces.

Plus points

  • Impressive 32 levels of resistance intensity – perfect for endurance users looking to beat their personal best and beyond
  • 12 preset exercise programs
  • Transportation wheels included – Makes moving the trainer quick and easy
  • Hand pulse sensor included

Things to think about

Although the Reebok ZR8 cross trainer is well built, that will be hugely because of your handy work as there is a fair amount of building to do with this one once you receive it, which many have said has taken them hours to get right.

If you can overlook the fact that you could lose an afternoon putting the cross trainer together, you can certainly send the evening putting your fitness to the test in some pretty challenging resistance levels as you reach the higher settings.

We feel that it is important to mention that when boxed the cross trainer weighs 57Kg, so if you can build this with a second person, that would be recommended to avoid lifting heavy equipment alone.

With a massive 38.1cm stride length, the Reebok ZR8 cross trainer is certainly going to allow you to extend out the full motion of your movement, making for a much better all round full body workout than trainers that feature smaller movement capability.

Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer Features and Specs

  • Adjustable foot level makes it great for smaller users
  • LCD monitor featuring Time, Distance, Calories, Pulse and RPM
  • 12 preset exercise programs
  • 32 levels of resistance intensity
  • 9Kg flywheel
  • Transportation wheels included – for easier movement
  • Weighs 57Kg when boxed

Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer Review Summary

Reebok have certainly continued in their mission to be considered one of the biggest brands in home fitness, the ZR8 cross trainer being a front runner for being one of the best cross trainers out there to buy to date.

With the upmost quality and an extended range of movement to enhance your workout even more coupled with the staggering amount of resistance levels that await you, make this perfect for those that want to push their fitness into a whole new world.

The building of the cross trainer is a little more challenging than some of the others but if you are looking for something that can deliver the goods and do so for a long time, it is certainly a good choice if you are willing to spend a little more.

JTX Strider X7 Cross Trainer Review

JTX Strider X7JTX Fitness have become a reputable name within the fitness equipment market and have seen a number of their home gym equipment models top a number of top lists across the industry, which is more than earned with the model that we have taken a look at for you, the JTX Strider X7 cross trainer.

Obviously built to last, the robust and well made cross trainer looks ready to put you through your fitness paces as you strive to reach your goal, whether that be weight loss or improving your endurance through training at home.

Although it finds its place at third within our list, that certainly shouldn’t reflect badly on this one as the features available to you are capable of challenging for the top spot in our opinion, although like-for-like we felt that we had to stick with the more predominant brands to ensure those nice little touches that truly complete that top end finish.

Plus points

  • The JTX Strider X7 has 21 preset programs that are ready to steer you towards you fitness goals, including fat burning, heart rate control and interval training to name just three.
  • Large touch screen LCD screen tells you all of the vital information that you may want to monitor during your training session, including heart rate, calorie consumption, time and distance.
  • 16 inch stride length sees a good level of movement to allow for a greater body workout compared to smaller movement enabled cross trainers.
  • 12.5Kg flywheel keeps a good balance throughout the cross trainer, helping to keep movements flowing and fluid.

Things to think about

The listing on Amazon does say that you should ignore the estimated delivery date and that you should expect to take receipt of your JTX Strider X7 within two working days, however it seems that hasn’t been the case for a number of people that have purchased this previously with them reporting that it had taken a little longer than that to get to them.

This could be due to the fact that the boxed weight of the cross trainer means that they need to use a two person delivery network, so if you are thinking about purchasing this one, it might help to get a friend around to help as they do only deliver the trainer to the outside of your home.

In terms of building the cross trainer up once opened, it does take a fair amount of time however stick to the instructions that are provided otherwise with all of these parts you are going to be spending a couple of hours trying to get things right.

JTX Strider X7 Cross Trainer Features and Specs

  • Large touchscreen LCD screen indicates all of the vital information you may need while working out
  • 21 preset workout programs allow you to work towards preset goals or create your own
  •  16 inch stride length makes for a good level of muscle extension and a good all body workout
  • 12.5Kg two-way Flywheel helps to keep the equipment stable and smooth while in use
  • Transport wheels and adjustable floor pads make moving the JTX Strider X7 easy, even on uneven ground
  • Polar compatible chest monitor included

JTX Strider X7 Cross Trainer Review Summary

The JTX Strider X7 cross trainer from JTX Fitness is a nice example of a cross trainer created by a brand that is not as well known as some of the other market leaders, however the quality that it possesses is enough to warrant a place at ‘the table’ for us.

It is a little heavy like we have seen with the Reebok ZR8 cross trainer previously, so if you are looking to have this set up on a carpet covered floor we would recommend that you add something between the floor and the carpet just to ensure that there is no damage caused over time, although without any rocking movement throughout use, you shouldn’t really experience this issue.

At the time of creating this top 3 best cross trainer for home article, it is the most expensive due to sales prices being applied to the other options, but that is subject to change at any time however if you are looking for a gym quality piece of equipment, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Best Cross Trainer Under 500 for Home Use

We know that getting fit and losing weight is not something that many take lightly, however not everyone has the budget to be able to spend thousands on their home exercise equipment, so you will be pleased to know that at the time of covering this top 3 cross trainers, all of them fit inside this budget range.

Although all of the above cross trainers fit within the under 500 category, this is only for the duration of the sale price that is applied to the Reebok ZR8 cross trainer at this present time so please bear that in mind should you wish to purchase that one.

In terms of the best cross trainer under 500, GadgetReviews.io recommend the Reebok ZR8 cross trainer due to the fact that while it is currently priced under the budget that you are looking to spend, the trainer has ample capabilities to further your fitness beyond the original goals that you have set yourself.

With double the resistance intensity options available to you, the only limit that  you have with this one is the limits you feel that you impose on yourself.

Best Cross Trainers for A Heavy Person

If you are a heavy user, the chances are that you are looking to use your chosen cross trainer to lose weight, so let us be the first to say congratulations for taking the first step to a healthier you.

With that done, we recommend that you take a look at the Hammer Crosstech XTR cross trainer as it is built to one of the highest standards that we have seen for a long time and is capable of being able to be used by anyone up to 20.5 stones (130Kg).

Full of features that will allow you to monitor your performance as you workout, this is a fantastic choice for you and at less than £500 the only thing you should be burning through is your body fat, not your bank balance.

Best Cross Trainer for Beginners

Not everyone that is looking to buy a cross trainer for home is a seasoned professional, we know that and that is why we have tried to locate the best cross trainer for beginners that are looking to start out their home fitness journey.

Some of the options out there can be daunting when it comes to the number of features displayed on the LCD screen and the Reebok ZR8 may possess more resistance levels than you need initially, so for those of you that are looking to start out we suggest that you look at the Hammer Crosstech XTR cross trainer as a potential suitor.

However, if you are looking to get started and continue your journey to a higher level of endurance and fitness, then certainly take a look at the Reebok ZR8 while it is priced in the region that it is right now, as we have said before, it will continue pushing y ou to new heights with each milestone you reach.

Best Cross Trainer for Overpronators

If you overpronate we know that it can be painful to exercise when using something like a treadmill but the good news is that with a cross trainer, the exercise that you do is low impact and as a result your feet do not leave the foot platforms that help to generate the movement.

You simply place your feet onto the foot plates and the movement is a gliding backwards and forwards movement, helped by the use of the handlebars.

This makes cross trainers perfect for those that are looking to either lose weight or increase their endurance but are unable to do so with more impact challenging equipment.

So good news, all of the cross trainers that we mention above are suitable for those of you that overpronate so you can take a look and choose the one that sounds like it will suit your requirements without the haunting thought that you could experience what you do while running on a treadmill.