Well the gaming app marketplace has never been the sort of place to sit still for too long and it seems that we have a new number one gaming app on the Apple iTunes store today, going by the name of Balls vs Blocks.

The massively addicting title seems to have captivated gamers across the world as you look to swipe and guide your string of balls through an array of different levels that will not only test your reactions but your mental arithmetic too.

balls vs blocks game

While guiding your string of balls through the twists and turns that await, you are given the chance to add to the length of your balls, a vital aspect if you are going to be able to make it as far as possible in this challenging title as in order to pass the block walls you are going to have to work out which number is lower than your current length in order to succeed.

After climbing to the top of the App Store paid gaming charts, the developers known as Voodoo have already released an update earlier today, adding Chinese and Japanese languages to the available choices that you have available.

While it appears the game has appeared from the depths as if out of nowhere, the reviews on the game are already pouring in with a sea of five star reviews being left for all to see.

A quick search online seems to show that there are very few places offering the title, however there does seem to be one site that lists that you can play Balls vs Blocks online, so it could be worth checking that out before buying.