Author: Jordan Graves

How To Unlock iPhone On Any Network

If you are looking to open your Apple iPhone up to any network then you have come to the right place as we will guide you through the whole process so that you don’t have to take it to your local phone store and pay for a service that you can do yourself. This process will basically mean that your handset will become ready to use with any sim card you choose, giving you the control to be able to select your provider to suit your preference. So, the aim of this article is to show you how to...

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7 Amazing Apps For Students That Make Uni Life A Breeze

Despite everyone telling you just how good Uni life is, if you’re heading into your freshers year, you’re about to find yourself with a lot more… Freedom! But what comes with more freedom, is a lot more responsibility! General organisation is something you’re going to need to learn if you aren’t too good with it at the moment! Your parents might not be there to make sure you get out of bed on time anymore but don’t worry I’ve thrown together some awesome apps that will help you stay organised while still making sure you’re the life and soul...

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Best Turtle Beach Headset For PS4 / Xbox One

Are you looking to find the best Turtle Beach headsets for PS4 (Playstation 4) or Xbox One? You have come to the right place, as just like you I realised that I needed to get a new gaming headset and wanted to know which is the best that I can get for my money. So I’ve done the research for you already! Turtle Beach gaming headsets have been at the top of their game for a long time and it quickly becomes obvious why that is the case if you are given the chance to be able to experience...

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Xbox One Elite Controller Review

Is the Xbox one elite controller worth getting? …Will I turn into Optic Scumpy overnight? …Is it really worth the money? Well yes… and no, let me explain. When it comes down to taking your gaming experience to the next level giving you that slight edge over your friends, or the random bloke sat in his bedroom at the other side of the world in multiplayer games, you’re really offered two options… The Xbox One Elite controller, or the ever trusted SCUF gaming control pads. Neither of them are particularly cheap, so it comes down to what do they...

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Best PS4 Headset 2017 – Top 5 Playstation 4 Headsets

Finding the best PS4 headset can be rough in a very crowded market… I was tired of playing first person shooter games like Call of Duty and the opponent somehow knowing where I was coming from as I tried to sneak up on them. I knew that no where near the amount of players that you accuse of cheating were actually doing so but couldn’t put my finger on what it was that was giving them the edge. That was until I played at a friend’s house that had a better headset than I did. The audio seemed to...

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