Author: Jordan Graves

Best Sonos Play 3 Wall Mount Brackets

If you are one of the millions of Sonos fans that have opted to purchase the Sonos Play 3 speaker, you could well be thinking about the possibility of wall mounting the speaker to provide you with a better looking audio system installation. As we know that Sonos don’t make their own version of the Sonos Play 3 wall mount brackets to be able to help you achieve that, we have taken a look at the best options available to you and have provided you with a list of our best picks. Don’t get stuck buying a wall mount...

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Best Sonos Play 1 Wall Mount Bracket Kits

If you have a Sonos Play 1 speaker and you are looking for the best way to be able to mount your speaker to the wall, you will be interested to know which of the available all brackets are best suited for your speaker. Our guide to the best Sonos Play 1 wall mounting brackets will be sure to help you to determine which of the third party bracket kits are best suited for your needs. Because Sonos don’t offer their own branded solution, we have picked out the 3 best Sonos Play 1 wall mounting kits available online for...

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Sonos Speakers Mounting Guide

With Sonos speakers becoming popular in recent months, we have heard the questions that you have asked about them and wanted to create the best Sonos speakers mounting guide you will find online, covering the most frequently asked questions about mounting Sonos speakers in your home. You could be just considering buying your first Sonos speaker or you could have created a beautifully crafted home surround sound system but have noticed that with power and optical wiring on show, there has to be a better way to install those deeper sounding speakers. Our Sonos speaker mounting guide is created...

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The Worlds Most Expensive Gaming PC

The worlds most expensive gaming PC is an absolute tank! Almost as big as the guy who created it… Allow me to introduce you to the OrionX Dual Extreme Overclocked PC from and 8Pack. How Much Is It? As of the date writing this article, you will be able to pick this power house for a cool £23,999.99 ($30,000) 8Pack who have created this animal is an alias for a UK based world record computer benchmarking champion named Ian Parry. He has built an ethos for his 8Pack brand which consists of; Strive for maximum performance Only the...

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Best Xbox One Deals

We know that the Xbox One is certainly high on the wanted list for many computer game lovers and that is why we have been hard at work looking to source the best Xbox One deals today, tomorrow and every single day from reputable retailers you can rely on. Whether you are looking for console only style offers or want an Xbox One bundle deal that includes games or additional controllers etc, we have handpicked a selection of the best value deals available in the UK right now. We haven’t stopped there either, all of the Xbox One deals...

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