Author: Alex Graves

Best Gaming Mouse for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Getting the upper hand in PUBG is definitely one way of making sure that you have the chance to take home that chicken dinner and if that means that you need to make sure that you have the best equipment for the job, then so be it – here’s the list of the best gaming mice for PUBG. Although upgrading from a standard mouse isn’t always needed, making the decision to buy a new gaming mouse for playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, complete with programmable buttons, is definitely the way to go as it will limit the keyboard movement, keeping your...

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The Best Drones For Kids

Drones have become a popular choice following the fact that increased options have resulted in them becoming more affordable but with plenty of them still being created for adult use, we thought that we would make sure that you knew about the options you have if you are looking to buy one for a child. While we know that there will be a small number of instances where the child that you intend to buy the drone for will be looking to use it for aerial photography, we also realise that the majority of children that would like a...

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Best Gaming PC for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

With over 4 million copies sold in just over 3 months of early release, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has become one of the biggest games of the year and with the hype driving console gamers to have to switch to PC gaming, we thought that we would take a look for the best gaming PC for playing PUBG. Although PC gamers will consider the game to be relatively simple to run, the graphical requirements of the game make non-gaming PC owners have to seek alternative options to be able to run the game smoothly, so here are some of the...

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Best Tri-Band Wi-Fi Routers

The internet has become a major part of life for many over recent years and that means that making sure that you have a strong and stable connection is almost as important as the device on which you intend to access it with. With routers being the device that connects you to the online world, it is important to ensure that your router is suitable for the task at hand, so in order to help you, we have created a list of the best tri-band Wi-Fi routers that 2017 has to offer. We took a list of the most...

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Best Mini Dehumidifiers For Your Home

The chances are that if you are looking for a dehumidifier for your home then you are already aware of the benefits that they can provide, especially when it comes to trying to combat humidity throughout your home, however, it can be hard to know where to look with so many options out there on the market today. While we realise that full-size dehumidifiers are better in terms of being able to host a larger liquid capacity, meaning that they need less emptying when compared to smaller models, but they are often bulky and not exactly easy on the...

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