A report that has been referred to as “J105” has been revealed to show that Apple are currently testing the latest generation of their Apple TV box, which the brand claims would revolutionise the market, however first impressions from what the report reveals shows that the 5th generation Apple TV could miss the mark.

Mark Gurman, author of a report on Bloomberg, made his predictions that the latest installment of Apple TV will be placed onto sale as early as this year and seems to indicate that from what the ‘J105’ report revealed, the only improvement that we will see in the latest Apple TV version is an improvement to the 1080p resolution that the box has served since March 2012.

With 4K ‘vivid colours’ deemed to be the biggest change that Apple have to offer, consumers have questioned whether there is a reason that they would purchase the newer model, especially since the current Apple TV boasts the Siri search functionality that has been highlighted as one of the selling points for the upcoming release.

The increase in processing power needed to be able to deliver the 4K resolution seems to signal that the Apple TV 5 will have a bigger processor inside the ‘hobby’, which will be an upgrade to the current model as that saw a previous update back in October 2015 however it is yet to be known whether the processor will further functionality outside of the scope mentioned within the ‘J105’ report that seems to have fed the information for the reveal.