Apple have been at the forefront of innovation across a number of tech markets, but their presence within the mobile phone market is by far the one that has seen the brand make themselves one of the biggest in the industry and it is rumoured that they are now looking to plan for their next generation of Apple iPhones.

With the Apple iPhone 7S and 7S Plus thought to be set to hit the market in April 2017 it appears that rumours are likely to be implemented into the brand’s 10th anniversary release that looks likely to be named as the iPhone 8 series, however some have also speculated that they could use the name iPhone X.

Suggested advancements towards the next generation of iPhone seem to support that Apple are once again going to look in increase the size of their front screen, with the brand thought to be looking at ways in which they can replace the home button, which also doubles as a finger print scanner, with a solid screen that would implement the technology used internal to the frontal display.

As well as pushing towards making the front a complete glass panel, the next generation iPhone has been speculated to look to enhance the waterproof capabilities of the phone by removing the ports that surround the phone, prompting for speculation that the iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging only.

We have already seen the introduction of wireless earphones with the iPhone 7, named Air Pods, and many believe that Apple will continue to explore ways in which they can further seal the device to complete with the waterproof ability of the Samsung Galaxy Edge 7.

With many iPhone users interested in finding out what the brand has to come in their next generation release, it seems that they will be pleased to hear that Apple are also thought to be looking to make a change from their currently used 1,960 mAh battery to an improved 2,700 mAh within their 4.7-inch devices, which will improve battery life but with the additional power comes the possibility that there will also be an increase in consumer price.