About Gadget Reviews

GadgetReviews.io is an independent, unbiased online review site that focuses on the gadget and technology marketplace – giving you truthful reviews and insight into the products that you like.

Written and moderated by self proclaimed ‘tech-nerds’, the site has quickly become renowned for our willingness to take our research and testing to new levels of review while on a mission to ensure that you know everything that there is to know about a product before you buy it.

Established in 2017 after decades of using, buying and testing products across multiple market focuses, the team behind GadgetReviews.io decided that it was time that readers just like you were given the whole truth, not just the sales patter that comes with the release of the latest tech.

Our Review Process- Real Reviews from Real People

As we strive to ensure that we are taking matters to beyond our competitors, we get our hands on a number of products that are leading the way across a variety of gadget and technology related industries and put them head to head, to crown one victorious as it is named as the editor’s choice.

As we started out like many other review sites, as a smaller team of enthusiasts that were looking to fill some of their time sharing the knowledge and insight that we have, our main focus has always been about naming products in a top list style format and picking an overall winner.

That fact is something that we are looking to change as both the site and our readership grow, with the research team here at GadgetReviews.io headquarters ready to take all of the latest gadgets beyond the limits, opening up all of the information and answers you could be looking for before making a purchase.

Unlike some other review sites that you may have seen before, our testing phase is done over a longer timescale, giving us the chance to experience the products that you love just like you would, from those niggling hiccups as you get used to the features that something offers, through to the headaches that come with slow and painful setup process on some of the more complicated tech out there today.

Our thoughts – Not a manufacturers

All of the content that we provide here at GadgetReviews.io is completely unique, drawing on our own thoughts and opinions on the products that we have tried and used.

Our reviews are never compromised by manufacturers, meaning that if there is something that we have found to possess a large scale problem that you could be looking at buying, we will tell you about it.

We know that without you, our loyal readers we would be but a shell of a website with a team of tech lovers just writing their thoughts about products for no-one other than ourselves, so rest assured we know that the integrity of our site has to remain intact.

Our Opinion – Let us hear yours

We love to hear what you think about the products that we have listed and tested here on the site, so if you find a review that relates to a product that you have used or tried before please do feel free to tell us about your experiences.

Our sole aim with GadgetReviews.io is that we provide a one-stop solution for people that are trying to make up their mind on products that they are interested in buying, so if you have a horror story or a tale of brilliance – We are sure that they would love to hear it as much as we would.

Our posts are always open for discussion from those genuinely interested in sharing their opinion and welcome readers to share their thoughts with the ‘group’, however please note that we will be moderating all comments to ensure that they are related to the post and reserve the right to reject or alter comments made if we believe that it is in the interest of your fellow readers.