Despite everyone telling you just how good Uni life is, if you’re heading into your freshers year, you’re about to find yourself with a lot more…


But what comes with more freedom, is a lot more responsibility!

General organisation is something you’re going to need to learn if you aren’t too good with it at the moment!

Your parents might not be there to make sure you get out of bed on time anymore but don’t worry I’ve thrown together some awesome apps that will help you stay organised while still making sure you’re the life and soul of the party!

So without further ado let me show you the apps!

1. Google Drive

If you don’t already know what Google Drive is, think of it as a portable version of Microsoft Word, Excel etc that you can literally access anywhere from any device such as your desktop, laptop, phones or tablets!

You will be able to create, store, access and share documents, spreadsheets, photos and videos with up to 15GB for totally free!

You also don’t need to worry about any shaky WiFi issues as your documents will still be accessible offline. The only drawback is that the files offline are read only and won’t allow you to edit them.

Another awesome function to Google Drive is that you can share your files with any of your friends which will allow them access to read and or edit them if you allow them the privilege.

It also has built-in auto save so there’s no need to panic if your device randomly decides to close or your battery dies out of the blue!

Android | iOS

2. City Mapper

Now despite this App being amazing at what it does, I’m sorry to say it is currently only available in London & Manchester in the UK currently…

So if you’re going to a University that doesn’t fit into those areas it might be best to move onto number 3 in the list so you don’t get to see what you’ll be missing out on.

A new City for the majority of new students brings a lot of opportunities and exciting times ahead, but Cities are complicated…

City Mapper claims to use the power of mobile and open transport data for buses and trains to help humans master them with real time up to date info.

The app is very detailed, you literally type in where you want to go then let it go to work by pulling you the fastest routes, how you can get there whether it be by bus or train, the price of those options and even the time… jeez!

Android | iOS

3. Spotify

spotify app

Now granted, Spotify is likely not going to be anything new to a lot of the students reading this, you might even be listening to it right now while you’re reading this article!

But there will still be a lot of people out there still not using this amazing app.

I myself only fairly recently decided to see what everyone was raving on about and it’s safe to say I was quite blown away.

Gone are the days of trawling through dodgy websites littered with viruses, ads or even YouTube (guilty!)

Spotify is completely FREE! with an option to upgrade to the premium plan for £9.99 with your first 30 days still free.

The premium plan basically allows you to remove all adverts that will randomly get played in between playlists if you were on the free plan.

I started on the free plan and the ads literally never bothered me at all, half the time I’d have a playlist on while working and wouldn’t even notice any had been played.

You’ll find yourself walking and travelling quite a lot while at Uni, so having your favorite music serenading your ears while you’re sat on those buses with the steamed up windows is going to be a lifesaver!

Spotify is also the perfect companion for when you hook up a cheeky loud wireless speaker in your room and get the pre-party fully in flow!

If you haven’t already jumped on the Spotify bandwagon I urge you to do it… it’s free anyway so you can see exactly what it’s all about, there really is no need to pay for the premium if you’re on a budget… save the extra £9.99 a month and splash that on the dodgy cheap vodka from the corner shop.

Keep an eye out for student only deals with apps like UNiDAYS which we mention below who offer the premium Spotify service for students at half price!

Android | iOS

4. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal app

Bit of a curve ball this one for a lot of you out there however there’s something you should know…

You’re highly likely to put on weight! The average student gains 2 Stone is the first year of University!

It’s a sad state of affairs but I myself can vouch for this… its rough!

Now I’m not saying you’re ALL going to be out 5 times a week downing cheap bright pink drinks every week flushed down with a Fat Joe’s kebab on the way home but it can be a slippery slope if you do fall into that category!

MyFitnessPal is an awesome free calorie tracking app which allows you to input the food you’ve eaten and the amount of exercise you’ve done (walking counts!) to work out a rough guide on how many calories you can still roughly consume for the day to keep your weight on track for your goals.

On the flip side of me loosely labeling all students as alcoholic, kebab monsters… MyFitnessPal is still the best app out there for all the fitness fanatics who are looking to lose weight or add ‘dem lean gains’.

Android | iOS

5. TED

TED mobile app

You are the future! Our budding up and coming geniuses… the next generation of greatness…

Who knows what the future holds for you and what you will go onto achieve… but for now if you don’t know what TED is, its an archive of high quality videos from some of the most fascinating people on our planet.

It’s the ultimate resource when it comes down to needing a little bit of encouragement or just want to open your mind to something new.

TED get’s deeper than the guy who is still lurking around your after parties at 5am… inspirational is all I can say.

Android | iOS


unidays app

Unless your parents are minted… you’ll be wanting to cut corners and save money wherever you get the chance.

UniDays is an awesome student only app that manages to secure some awesome student deals and discount codes on top high street brands such as Topshop and online retails like ASOS.

It’s a no brainer really… these guys know the shops your more than likely going to be finding yourself in and help you save money… for FREE!

Just some of the brands you will find deals on consist of the likes of; ASOS, MissGuided, Apple, New Look, Urban Outfitters, Deliveroo, PrettyLittleThing, PureGym, Jack Wills, MyProtein & Footasylum!


7. WolframAlpha

wolframalpha app

Dubbed the ‘Star Trek computer of the future’ this little piece of kit is INSANE!…

This is basically a computer knowledge engine that pretty much knows everything about everything! It’s like having a kid who always get straight A’s at everything they do in your pocket.

It just so happens to be the computer engine that runs Apple’s Siri which I’m sure many of you will be familiar with.

WolframAlpha does however cost at the time of me writing this article £2.35 (Android) and £2.99 (iOS)

However for the price of less than a Big Mac you get one of the most powerful computer engines on the planet in your pocket… just imagine how much of a life saver that is going to be!

Android | iOS

So there you have it… my top 7 apps for students heading off to Uni!

If you’re heading off this year or are already a student and use any apps that you couldn’t live without that I’ve missed off the list, I’d be eternally grateful if you told me off in the comments so I could look at adding those onto the list in the hope of maybe helping someone else in the future!