The free online gaming market has been alive with the sound of gamers all across the globe taking the chance to be able to play games that don’t cost them a single penny and the evolution of the types of games available has made it a real competitor to their more powerful console and PC cousins.

While we saw the emergence of Unity3D developed titles, we have since seen that framework fall into the abyss as flash and HTML5 titles continue to push their way forward to take the accolade of being the most played type of games available.

Although the popularity of console and PC gaming is always going to outweigh that of those that spend any significant time playing the free online game offerings from sites such as, they still play a solid part in getting children into the computer gaming industry and some schools have even adopted them as a way to be able to teach younger children.

Whether they are looking for maths games, spelling games or word association games, educational faculties have realised that while still learning, children have become more engaged with their development through the introduction of short, yet fun games aided to develop their learning.

While we will always support using free games as a way to educate, we wanted to share with you some of the classic and some of the most recently discovered free games that have helped us to pass the time…

Bloons TD5

bloons td5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 has been about for a number of years and the actual gaming series longer still, however being given the chance to be able to take control of your own army of dart welding monkeys tasked to eliminate every balloon in sight, what more could you honestly ask for?

I mean if that isn’t enough, surely the chance to be able to call on the help of Supermonkey is enough to win you over?

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The .io gaming market is still one of the youngest that you will find in the free gaming world but their addictive nature makes them one of the most sort after categories there is and Agario certainly capitalised on that popularity.

Giving a modern twist to the old Nokia classic ‘Snake’, you have to navigate your way around the playable area collecting little dots as you continue to grow and become more powerful, aiming to reach the point that you are big enough to eat your rivals and become crowded as the top player.

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Run 3

run 3

The Run series of games has always been one of those that you look at and think ‘there is nothing to it’ but the chance to be able to guide your little character through the maze of challenging space runs seems to have gamers locked into the action for much longer than they would have liked.

As the third title of the series, Run 3 takes things a little further than the original offering and although you may not be able to tell from first glance, has improved the overall look of your environment.

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Happy Wheels

happy wheels

Any list of top online games that doesn’t include Happy Wheels wouldn’t be complete and that is what has lead to millions of gamers flocking to be able to take on the ultimate racing challenge, complete with blood and guts.

A strange game when it was first released on a physics engine, Happy Wheels become the first stop for those that were looking for something to pass the time yet keep you entertained as your racer fell down huge gaps in the map or gets his arms ripped off because you got that angle wrong when trying to catch that big air.

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Color Switch

color switch game online

A game that was created purely to capitalise off the back of the success of the popular mobile gaming app, this is your chance to be able to play the smash hit title without having to download it to your phone.

Another of the games that we do still make use of to help clear the head but leave more frustrated than ever before.

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